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Top 10 Highlights from Miami Music Week

April 01, 2014

10. Circ X

EarPeace finds a home at #RBGUESTHOUSE

Weird, sexy and irreverent, the Circ X party police keep it fresh with their wildly theatrical antics. EarPeace found its way into several of their hands, ears and nether regions as the flamboyant cast slithered and danced their way throughout the Red Bull Guest House. Can’t wait to see what they come up with next year.

9. Dancing

[wpvideo oJAruIBr]

As the sign at the Red Bull Guest House read, “If you’re not dancing, something’s wrong.” The ole’ Chevro-legs took a beating from all the dancing, and we often forgot to eat because we were having too much fun. At one point we were dancing next to some people, started talking to them and realized that we had been emailing them for months about business. Serendipity on the dance floor! It’s great to see everything come full circle.

8. Fresh Ink

EarPeace has a pulse

There was no shortage of skin art on display during Miami Music Week, but we loved seeing the fresh works from KR Collective / Memoir Tattoos’ Nathan Kostechko. One design in particular caught our attention for its authenticity. From the mouth of the individual who wore it, “I have a pulse, I’m ALIVE.” That pretty much sums it up for us.

7. Pool Parties

Red Bull Guest House Pool Party

From the RB Guest House pool parties to Cedric Gervais and friends at the Surfcomber and Spinnin’ Sessions at Nikki Beach, there were no shortage of pool parties during MMW. Our friends at Sun Bum protected our skin while we saved ears at these hot, loud shows. And the people watching was second to none – skin, skin and more skin.

6. Cirez D @ ULTRA

Cirez D at ULTRA 2014

We were way into it before we realized we were jamming to Cirez D at ULTRA’s Underground Stage. Eric Prydz, under guise of his alias, put on a surprise set and got everyone involved with a deep, dark, and groovy 2-hour performance. He managed to completely captivate an audience of only a few thousand while Hardwell closed out the main stage. The intimacy and energy were there, which is hard to attain at a festival of 80,000+ people. We tip our hats to Prydz for one of the more memorable performances of the weekend.

5. Club Space

Space Nightclub

What felt like our second home away from the Red Bull Guest House, we floated away in Space no less than three times in 24 hours! We helped distribute custom branded EarPeace for Gareth Emery, Seth Troxler and Drumcode. Each session was vastly different from the other – Gareth killed it with a late night club set, Troxler and the Martinez Bros went back to back at sunrise to a roomful of proper house/techno fans, and Adam Beyer and the Drumcode crew each put on massive sets until the place closed at 3pm on Monday afternoon.

4. Digweed Sunset Cruise

John Digweed & Jay Clark

To celebrate the 500th episode of his Transitions radio show, legendary producer/DJ John Digweed broadcasted live for the first time ever from his yearly sunset cruise in Miami harbor. It was a perfect night with an absolutely killer set from the legend himself as the backdrop. Thank you John!

3. Breakfast Club @ RBGH

Wyclef Jean - Performance

Each night from 2:30-6:00 AM at the Red Bull Guest House we were treated to an intimate and diverse lineup of musical talent from MINUS, PMR Records, LUCKYME and Solomun/Guy Gerber. We delivered custom EarPeace to the MINUS crew on Thursday night and were immediately sucked in by the energy of the Breakfast Club. Solomun & Guy Gerber turned it out on the final night and capped it off with a special performance by Wyclef Jean. Doesn’t get any better!

2. Carl Cox

Carl Cox & Jay Clark

Having a sit down with Carl Cox in his tour bus before his first ULTRA set was one of the highlights of our trip, a true once in a lifetime experience! The pic says it all – the man is a fan and had already been wearing EarPeace all day. Oh, and every set he played reaffirmed why he is one of the Godfathers of house music.

1. Random EarPeace Sightings

EarPeace Fan at Cedric Gervais

We knew the word was getting round when we kept spotting people at ULTRA, in the clubs and at the parties sporting EarPeace. Seeing our friends and music fans groove away without a care in the world is all the pleasure we need to keep it up. Thanks Miami, we’ll see you next year!

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