What is the difference between ORIGINAL & PRO?

EARPEACE PRO is our next generation earplug that elevates the sound and comfort experience. We innovated with filters that feature a tuned acoustic membrane and a new patented dual cone design for the earplug. We've kept our customers protected for over a decade with EARPEACE ORIGINAL and with PRO we are elevating that to a professional experience for everyone.

EARPEACE ORIGINAL filters are made from precision injected ABS plastic that is machined to allow a precise amount of unobstructed sound into the ear. PRO filters feature a tuned acoustic membrane that functions as a primary eardrum - as an extension of your body. The membrane absorbs the sound then replicates the sound signature precisely at a lower volume. The performance rating of the membrane governs how much the sound is reduced.

MUSIC & MOTO PRO filters come in multiple performance levels so you have exactly what you need for your environment. PRO maximizes comfort and performance through two major design changes - the earplugs are oblong and the cones are contoured. The ear canal is oblong and we replicated that shape for a natural fit. EARPEACE MUSIC & MOTO PRO Contour© Earplugs have an offset wave shape that expands optimally in the ear. This creates a complete seal while also applying the least amount of pressure. A complete seal is critical because any break will cause sound distortion and also does not provide complete protection. It’s a natural fit with an optimized seal.

Which MOTO PRO filter should I choose?

MOTO PRO 20dB (High) Great for track racing, shorter rides & situations where communications equipment is used extensively. MOTO PRO 24dB (Max) Perfect for motocross, bigger pipes, louder engines, & longer rides. MOTO PRO 27dB (Ultra Max) This filter provides the highest protection we offer.

Which MUSIC PRO filter should I choose?

MUSIC PRO 16dB (Med)
Best for situations where hearing softer sounds are still important to the experience. Examples might include a jazz club or the movies.
MUSIC PRO 20dB (High)
The best all around filter for music. Perfect for situations such as a music festival where safety is critical but you still want to be able to communicate with others.
MUSIC PRO 24dB (Max)
Best for environments where you need extra protection. Examples include indoor concert venues or arenas where the sound can stay elevated in the 115dB range for extended periods of time.
Music PRO 27dB (Ultra Max)
Sound pressure doubles with every 3 decibels giving the Ultra-Max filter almost twice the attenuation power of Max. If you have sensitive hearing or hearing loss - this is the filter for you. Best used in sports stadiums where the noise level can exceed 125dB.

What is the difference between ORIGINAL MUSIC & MOTO Earplugs?

All ORIGINAL models have the same great filter set so you get the best audio quality out there. Each ORIGINAL model includes 3 filter sets: Medium- 17dB, High- 20dB & Max- 26dB reduction.




What is the difference between EarPeace and Foam Ear Plugs?

We develop “high fidelity” hearing protection. Each of our products include precision engineered acoustic filters that allow in a precise amount of unobstructed sound. You get all frequencies, just at a lower volume. EarPeace is great for any loud environment where you need to lower the decibel level and still hear clearly, enjoying live music or riding your motorcycle. Foam ear plugs, on the other hand, are not high fidelity. They do not have an acoustic filter in them. This means that they block the maximum amount of sound, but the compromise is that you lose most of the high frequencies. Foam ear plugs are great for industrial applications, shooting, working on the tarmac at an airport, etc. - all things that require the highest amount of protection possible because they are the loudest environments. But they are not particularly good for music or other activities where the dB level is lower and where you want to be able to hear in “high fidelity.” The other aspects that differentiate EarPeace from foam are noted on our site - they are much more comfortable, more discreet, and they come in a great carrying case. These are all major reasons why people in general won’t wear hearing protection, so we solved these issues when developing EarPeace.

How do I know if I'm wearing my EarPeace correctly?

Everyone’s ears are a little different and it will take some practice putting EarPeace on and taking them out. We encourage you to try them on before going out and getting comfortable with how they feel. EARPEACE earplugs are designed to fit snug in your ear and virtually disappear. With a little practice, you’ll feel the point at which EARPEACE is snug and comfortable. It's safe to insert them deep in the ear canal, but only when following the directions carefully and positioning the pull-tab properly so you can get them out. DO NOT over insert the earplugs. DO not push the earplugs further into the ear canal after releasing the pull-tab. Please watch our product instructional video on how to insert and remove them properly.

Can EARPEACE be used for shooting?

EARPEACE are designed for optimum performance in loud environments where you need passive protection - music events, motorsports, DIY projects, and even the movies. We have a MAX protection filter that is a solid block but EARPEACE is not suitable for impulse noise like shooting. Shooting requires fully blocking the ear canal and the best solution for that is over the ear muffs or if budget allows our Custom Molded EARPEACE with Impulse Filters. The impulse filters available in our custom fits are the highest tech solution available for shooting enthusiasts. The filters contain an acoustic membrane that is engineered to snap stiff when exposed to impulse noise - like a gunshot. The membrane immediately relaxes and you are able to hear clearly again. You'll be able to communicate freely, be highly situationally aware and protected when you pull the trigger.

Can I use EARPEACE for Flying?

EARPEACE is great for flying. The filter technology allows a precise amount of unobstructed sound into the ear so you have a high quality audio experience, there are no pressure issues, and they are very discreet.

How do I clean my EarPeace?

EARPEACE is easy to clean and maintain. Wipe the earplugs off with a damp cloth (e.g. wash cloth) each time you wear them. Keep them stored in the aluminum case. If they become particularly dirty you can wash them in warm soapy water - however - remove the plastic attenuation filter before submerging the plug in water. Reinsert the filter only after the plug has dried thoroughly. The earplugs should be replaced at any sign of wear and tear.

How do I attach the connector cord to my EarPeace?

First, pinch the silicone pull-tab between your index finger and thumb, making sure the tab is on top. Then, use your thumb and index finger to invert the flanges (flipping them in the opposite direction). Pull the lanyard sling over the tab and stretch it to fit over the filter. Adjust the lanyard around the plug to position it in the proper direction and orientation to the pull tab. Lastly, use your thumb and index finger to reinvert the flanges back to their original placement.

Are your products warrantied?

Yes, our products come with a one year warranty when registered. If you haven’t done so post purchase, please warranty your product(s) on our warranty page.