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AMP 24 – 24 Hours, 24 DJ’s and 1 Good Time

February 28, 2014

Recently EarPeace was proud to be involved in the AMP 24 event at Playback Recording Studio in Santa Barbara this past weekend. The event supported The Arts Mentorship Program specifically funding the Building Dream from the Ground Up Capital Campaign. The cause helped to enable funding for state of the art new studios, youth scholarships, dance companies and community classes, supporting music and the arts in the local Santa Barbara community. EarPeace can always get on board with a cause benefiting the growth of music and the arts. We’re all about sustaining music for the long run, whether it be by giving back to the community or promoting ear safety at concerts.

The event kicked off at 8PM Saturday with DJ Fab on the turntables, starting off with a more laid back sound and environment but as the night progressed so did the music. Each hour a new DJ took over, and brought a new style to mix. The DJ’s fed off the energy of those in the studio, and the atmosphere varied over the course of the evening as the DJ’s expertly controlled the room.  The event continued on into the night as people shuffled in and out throughout the evening and into the next day. DJ’s kept the party rolling throughout the entire time.

The Studio space itself was quite impressive; wall to wall each room had its own unique vibe. Depending on which space you found yourself in during a set the entire mood could change with the music. The studio itself was fascinating enough to spend a full 24 hours in even without the musical accompaniment taking the space to the next level.

All in all in the night was a wild hit among the DJ’s and those who attended. EarPeace was given to all the DJ’s and was met with open minds, those who knew the importance of protecting their hearing, and protecting the hearing of those who attend live concerts. A DJ knows best when it comes to how much damage an ear can receive over just one set, so trust your DJ’s and make sure you wear ear protection at any live events!

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