August 12, 2014

5 Hits of Splash House, Palm Springs

5 Hits of Splash House, Palm Springs

splash house

Music festival meets Vegas pool parties without all the superficial, materialistic frillings and uppity bottle service crowd. Surround that with the beautiful scenery of Palm Springs and 105 degree weather and you can begin to get an idea of Splash House this past weekend. Our team partnered up with Electric Family to assure that everyone checking into the affiliate hotels was well equipped with proper hearing protection courtesy of EARPEACE music earplugs. We then spent the weekend out there soaking in the vibes of one of the better-curated music festivals that Southern California has seen since Coachella, while spreading the word to the festival-goers about the importance of protecting their hearing.

Whatever your musical taste, there was a bit of everything on the lineup. Be it traditional house music, nu-disco, tropical, funk, or just plain old dance music, Splash House made sure that they covered all the bases. We can truly say that we will not be missing any of these events in the future and want to make a case for why you shouldn’t either.

Here are the top 5 things that Splash House brings to the table:

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Hit Number One: The Music

Get your concert earplugs ready! Whether you were just there for the madness that was Flume or you came for some of the more underground acts, there is no argument that it was one huge dance party from start to finish. Gorgon City, an up and coming duo from the UK, graced the Hard Rock Hotel lobby with their future house / UK garage sound to kick things off on Friday night. They were followed by young gun Oliver Heldens, who is storming the scene as of late. An amazing start to the weekend.

The focal point of Saturday was Flume, who has amassed an arsenal of classics already thus far in his short career. This was hands down the biggest crowd of the weekend, barely leaving room to stand besides the few square feet spaces of open water in the pool. Cut Copy closed out the pool party at Hard Rock, putting together the biggest instrumental set of the day.

Sunday was a lot mellower but still featured some huge musical acts. The Saguaro featured artists from Cut Snake to the Bixel Boys to Motez while the main attractions at Hard Rock were Chromeo and A-Trak. After Chromeo threw down the funkiest set of the weekend, A-Trak, who is brothers with David of Chromeo, came on and did a brotherly b2b set. This was one for the books.

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Hit Number Two: The Scenery

Littered with palm trees against a backdrop of blue skies and mountain ranges, Palm Springs makes for one of the more scenic places you can be during the summer months. Add in the modern vibes of the boutique-y hotels and the fruitful decorations of streamers and inflatables, and you’ve found paradise. The Saguaro was like something out of a dream. It also didn’t hurt to have an abundance of twenty-somethings parading around in their bathing suits. Our young team members thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

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Hit Number Three: The Weather

It was a scorcher in Palm Springs this weekend, with temperatures pushing 105 degrees. The biggest upside to Splash House was the convenience of having hotel rooms surrounding the pool to retreat to when in need of a cold beverage or shade. The pool, while refreshing, was not exactly the coolest it could have been once you add in the sea of bodies and everything they bring with them. It definitely felt great to pour a nice cup of cold water over your head every once in a while.

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Hit Number Four: The Crowd

Although (from what we heard) it was a lot more crowded than the first one, the people at Splash House had a much more friendly / communal disposition than your average music festival. It wasn’t uncommon to meet other groups of people and spend the day partying with them as if you’d known them forever. Being able to go back to your rooms to drink / party only made the bonding that much easier, with parties in the lobbies of the hotels every night. It was also great to see much of the parties less focused on standing in front of the stage, staring straight up at the DJs. A lot of the time they just served as the background sounds to an epic weekend.

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Hit Number Five: The Floaties

These are the biggest staple of Splash House. From giant turtles, to dragons, to donuts and pretzels, we even saw some inflatable pieces of pizza floating around. People seemed to express their individuality through inflatable props and adornments. It only sets the tone for a hilariously unique experience and furthered the pool-inspired vibes. Needless to say this is the only pool-centric music festival you need in your life. Trust us.

We’ll be seeing you out there again next year. Until then, try and stay cool.

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