Nearly 6 million US teenagers have some type of hearing loss - a 33% increase over the last two decades. MARCHING BANDS produce sound levels ranging from 95-122 dB’s - musicians playing at a 94 dB level are at risk after only an hour of playing. With over a thousand MARCHING BANDS in the US and anywhere from 11-500+ members in each - there are a lot of ears out there that need to be protected!

The EarPeace MARCHING BAND Program offers two tiers of products with various customizing options specifically for the education industry. Our main focus is to provide top of the line, affordable hearing protection so that schools can participate in keeping those young musicians' ears healthy. It's time to protect and preserve. Let's get started!


"We're incredibly grateful to EarPeace for their tremendous assistance in educating our community members about the importance of preserving their hearing. Students having access to high fidelity earplugs that offer much more protection and comfort than the standard foam plug means our students are much more likely to use them."

Leah Driscoll Director of Health and Wellness Programs at Berklee School of Music

“We have been using foam disposables for a few years now and had been interested in more durable and safe options. We have achieved 116 dB in rehearsal. All of us wanted excellent hearing protection," and EarPeace delivered.


“I’m so proud to be a part of this MISSION. Launching the MARCHING BAND program for colleges and high schools in the states is a great way to spread the word on the importance of young musicians protecting their hearing. Our goal is for band directors and band members to look at hearing protection as part of their uniform; never missing a practice or performance without them.”

Sarah White, Sr. Project Director at EarPeace