February 16, 2022



We are celebrating being granted our second patent, furthering our position as the leader of the high-fidelity earplug market.  to Further Position Them as Leader of the High-Fidelity Earplug Market

Washington D.C., January 20, 2022 – Today, we announced we were granted our second patent for the proprietary design of our earplugs following our utility patent, granted in May of 2021. Reinventing hearing protection in 2008, we at EarPeace have created the original high-fidelity earplug that reduces harmful decibel levels while elevating the sound and comfort experience with crystal clear, safe sound.

Known as EarPeace PRO, the patented design of the Contour Earplugs™ conforms to the natural shape of the ear canal, delivering an industry leading level of comfort.. The  finely tuned acoustic mesh filter precisely replicates the sound signature, to deliver superb audio at a safe volume for discerning artists and music fans. 

"I designed PRO to sound so clear and feel so comfortable, the user forgets they are wearing them. If it isn't an excellent experience, it’s useless. Full stop," said Jay Clark, Founder and CEO of EarPeace. “The patented design creates a unique seal with the application of minimal pressure to the inside of the ear. The filter technology then delivers a superb sound experience. It's as close to custom-molded earplug performance as you can get with universal fit hearing protection.”

Following the EarPeace Original design, the newly patented PRO resolves a common problem in traditional earplugs that contain rigid components by eliminating the mismatch between the shape of the ear and plug. The earplugs use less material to optimally expand in the ear canal, minimizing unwanted bunching and slit leaks. In addition to the higher level of comfort, the oval, offset wave shape of their patented design permits the filters – consisting of a finely tuned acoustic mesh and membrane that precisely replicate the sound signature – to perform at peak capacity.

EarPeace PRO Patent


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in less than five minutes at a rock concert, noise induced hearing loss has already begun. In the past year, roughly 25 million Americans have experienced tinnitus. As a result, hearing loss remains the third most common chronic physical condition in the United States and is twice as prevalent as diabetes or cancer.*

On a mission to save the world’s hearing and prevent Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL), EarPeace hasn’t stopped at revolutionizing hearing protection options–they continue to lead the change in how people value their hearing health as well as efforts to reduce the epidemic of hearing loss and tinnitus. EarPeace is trusted by NPR, Metallica, RedBull, and more.

Read all the specifications here and here.

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