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How many decibels does EarPeace attentuate?

In plain English, this means "How much does EarPeace turn down the volume?". When used properly, EarPeace reduces sound pressure by 75% while maintaining sound quality. The Federally required Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) is the offical measurement of this protection. EarPeace has a rating of 11 to 17 decibels. This means that 80% of people will get more than 11 decibels of protection and 20% of people will get more than 17 decibels of protection. more >>

How do you know that EarPeace works?

EarPeace was tested by Michael & Associates, the foremost independent lab in the country for measuring hearing protection performance. The results of this testing are the "Noise Reduction Rating" or NRR, a Federally required measurement that is printed on the back of the EarPeace box. This rating is reached through testing on volunteers. more >>


EarPeace universal fit products are one size fits all. For variable sizing, check out Custom Fit EarPeace.