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Your ears are unique – treat them that way! Our custom made ear plugs fit your ears and your ears only. Perfectly. Nothing delivers a more clear, true to sound music experience. The top musicians and motorsports pros around the world use these same custom earplugs. They are available in several unique colors with your choice of acoustic filter. See the Performance tab below for more information on the filter technology. 

Note: This is a SPECIAL ORDER item and will require you to get impressions of your ear canals from an audiologist. Once your impressions are complete, the next step will be to send them to the lab for production. You will receive detailed instructions post-purchase on locating an audiologist and where to send the impressions.

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EarPeace custom fit delivers the best possible hearing protection experience because they fit your ears perfectly. With cutting edge acoustic filters and advanced ventilated design, these custom ear plugs create the clearest and sharpest natural sound experience available. Uniquely handcrafted, you get optimal isolation and fit, allowing you to wear them comfortably for hours at a time. Made for the most discerning audiophiles, Custom Fit EarPeace is as good as hearing protection gets.


Designed for musicians and vocal performers, the redesigned acoustic filters give the flattest, most accurate response across the sound spectrum board. Keeping all frequencies in check relative to one another means you get to hear the music just as it should sound, but quieter with no loss of high or low frequencies. Not only does it provide a balanced reproduction but, its vented design reduces occlusion (how sound travels inside the body) giving your voice a more natural sound.


EarPeace custom fit is the most comfortable ear plug because it’s an exact replica of the inside of your ear. Our certified technicians take an impression of your ear or your audiologist does. Made from soft, medical-grade silicone – they will last for years. You’ll forget you are wearing them.


Hearing protection is a must-have accessory for your entertainment experience. Do it right. EarPeace custom fits flush inside your ear – nothing sticks out of your ear. They are completely discreet in clear or can make a big splash in sparkle. Make it your own. Custom hearing protection says you are serious about your sense of hearing and your sound experience. Carry the best - EarPeace custom fit.


Nothing compares to something built specifically for you.


Nothing compares to something built specifically for you.


Custom Fit acoustic filters provide the flattest response of any hearing protection.


FAQ Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between EarPeace and Foam Ear Plugs?

We develop “high fidelity” hearing protection. Each of our products include precision engineered acoustic filters that allow in a precise amount of unobstructed sound. You get all frequencies, just at a lower volume. EarPeace is great for any loud environment where you need to lower the decibel level and still hear clearly, enjoying live music or riding your motorcycle. Foam ear plugs, on the other hand, are not high fidelity. They do not have an acoustic filter in them. This means that they block the maximum amount of sound, but the compromise is that you lose most of the high frequencies. Foam ear plugs are great for industrial applications, shooting, working on the tarmac at an airport, etc. - all things that require the highest amount of protection possible because they are the loudest environments. But they are not particularly good for music or other activities where the dB level is lower and where you want to be able to hear in “high fidelity.” The other aspects that differentiate EarPeace from foam are noted on our site - they are much more comfortable, more discreet, and they come in a great carrying case. These are all major reasons why people in general won’t wear hearing protection, so we solved these issues when developing EarPeace.

What is the difference between Music, Moto & Safety?

All models have the same great filter set so you get the best audio quality out there. Each model includes 3 sets of filters (11, 14 & 19 db reduction) with distinct color plugs for different communities.

What are the various filters used for?

EarPeace Music, Moto & Safety original include 3 sets of filters. The medium and high filters are high fidelity, evenly lowering the sound pressure across frequencies. The max filter is a total block filter for when you need to really turn down the volume. Each filter set performs differently to fit your specific needs. Medium Protection (CLEAR) = SNR 17 / NRR 11. These filters are suitable for most loud events. Rehearsals, dance events, movies are all examples. High Protection (RED) = SNR 20 / NRR 14. These filters are perfect for your live concerts, festivals, decrease wind noise & engine noise when on your motorcycle OR DIY projects around the house. Max Protection (BLACK) = SNR 26 / NRR 19. These filters are a total block for when you really need to turn down the noise. Perfect for working the stage or sleeping.

How do I know which size to order- Standard or Petite?

Ear canal sizes vary widely but our universal fit Standard size ear plugs fit ~80% of users. If you have comfortably used earplugs before or your music ear buds fit easily we recommend ordering our Standard size. Our Petite size ear plugs are 20% smaller and may fit you best if you have had experiences where ear plugs won’t stay in your ear, or, your music ear buds become uncomfortable over time. You may have also been told by an audiologist that you have smaller ear canals.

How do I clean my EarPeace?

EarPeace is easy to clean and maintain. Wipe the ear plugs off with a damp cloth (e.g. wash cloth) each time you wear them. Keep them stored in the aluminum case. If they become particularly dirty you can wash them in warm soapy water - however - remove the plastic attenuation filter before submerging the plug in water. Reinsert the filter only after the plug has dried thoroughly. The ear plugs should be replaced at any sign of wear and tear.

Can EarPeace be used for shooting?

EarPeace was designed for optimum performance in loud environments where you need passive protection - music events, motorsports, DIY projects, and even the movies. We include a MAX protection filter that is a solid block but EarPeace is not originally designed for impulse noise like shooting. Shooting requires fully blocking the ear canal and the best solution for that is over the ear muffs or if budget allows our Custom FIT EarPeace with Impulse Filters. The impulse filters available in our custom fits are the highest tech solution available for shooting enthusiasts. The filters contain an acoustic membrane that is engineered to snap stiff when exposed to impulse noise - like a gunshot. The membrane immediately relaxes and you are able to hear clearly again. You'll be able to communicate freely, be highly situationally aware and protected when you pull the trigger.