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What Causes Ringing in Ears?

February 09, 2015

Ever been to a loud event and woken up with ringing in ears the next day? It normally passes after 1 or 2 days, right? But imagine the noise in your ears just didn’t stop. Imagine a world where silence sounds like 100 police sirens going off inside your head, or a howling storm which never seems to quite blow away.

Ok, maybe no need to be quite so dramatic but, Tinnitus, a ringing in ears or whistling sound not caused by any outside stimulus, is definitely not a desirable problem to have. Affecting 1/10 people in countries like the USA and Germany, it is one of the fastest growing disabilities in the developed world. Generally, it is caused by an overexposure to loud noises.

There are a number of remedies available, such as white noise CD’s, random herbal concoctions, and if you’re Liam Gallagher, shouting over the top of it. However, a remedy is no cure, so if you do happen to get tinnitus, be prepared to live with it... It’s not going anywhere in a hurry.

Now you ask… if avoiding loud noise will save me from a lifetime of imaginary noise, does this mean I should stop going to loud events? Quit clubbing and sell my ten person festival tent on eBay? Forget about Nascar and give up my college football/ basketball/ lacrosse/ beer pong season ticket? Well… the simple answer is… NO! Why on earth would you ever want to do that? As is evidenced by inventions such as the seatbelt, sun cream, ski helmets and knee pads, we have always been brilliant at coming up with new, fashionable solutions that allow the pursuit of potentially debilitating activities, in ways that greatly reduces the risk of any harm to ourselves. For tinnitus, we have high fidelity hearing protection - ear plugs designed to protect your ears whilst still allowing you to enjoy the feeling of being in a loud environment.

So get some EarPeace high fidelity hearing protection, say goodbye to ringing in ears, good night to the inexistent howling winds, and good riddance to the imaginary police sirens, and say HELLO LOUD LIVE ENTERTAINMENT, MY EARS ARE READY FOR YOU!

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