June 02, 2022



In May of 2022, we announced a partnership with Motorcycle.com to raise awareness around hearing health during Motorcycle Safety Month, by introducing our limited edition motorcycle earplugs and safety campaigns. Motorcycle Safety Month falls during a critical period as the pandemic recedes and more people than ever get back on the highways. And, while many riders think of gear and awareness as the keys to motorcycle safety, riders are always vulnerable to hearing loss at highway speeds.

“When the pandemic started and our music partners all closed down, the team and our existing motorcycle community did what we love and could do - get out and ride. We basically became a motorcycle earplug company overnight. It was a very natural and successful pivot for us,”’ said Jay Clark, Founder and CEO. “The relationships that we built over the last two years really changed the company - Motorcycle.com is a great example. I am very grateful to the riding community.”

Recommended by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation as part of the necessary personal protective gear for motorcyclists, earplugs are the easiest way for riders to protect their hearing and prevent Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL). Even for those who have quiet motorcycles and wear a full-face helmet, long-term exposure to the engine and wind noise without the use of earplugs, can cause permanent hearing damage. Wind noise at speeds over 65mph expose motorcyclists to sound levels in excess of 100 dB, and at those levels, damage occurs within fifteen minutes of exposure without hearing protection. For those going on long rides, it becomes especially important to use hearing protection to prevent cumulative damage.

“After our positive experience with MO-branded, limited-edition EarPeace earplugs, we decided to join forces with the folks at EarPeace again to create a limited edition product for our fellow MOrons in celebration of Motorcycle Safety Month this May,” stated the staff at Motorcycle.com.

Creating the Ultimate Guidebook for Motorcycle Safety, we continue to inform and engage with the motorcycle community on all aspects of safety and riding. Some of our most recent articles include:


Revolutionizing hearing protection since 2010, in 2022 EarPeace was granted our second patent for the comfort design of our contour earplug, featured in our PRO line of products. EarPeace is trusted by The House Institute, the leading institute on hearing health research, in addition to NPR Music, Red Bull, and more.

About Us:
EarPeace revolutionized hearing protection in 2008 with a discreet, comfortable, high-fidelity earplug built not only for musicians, but for all the fans at the event. This same technology was customized for motorsports, and everyone that needs a good night’s sleep. The innovation by EarPeace continues today with new patents, products, technologies, and accessories designed to “enhance your experience.” Festivals, motorcycle rallies, and events all over the world depend on EarPeace to keep their stars and fans safe, comfortable, and ready for the next event. EarPeace’s promise is simple – you will hear and feel better when you wear EarPeace. For more information, visit: https://www.earpeace.com.

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