December 21, 2021

Best Christmas Albums for Opening Presents

Best Christmas Albums for Opening Presents

You've got the presents. You've got the meal. You're pretty sure you're not forgetting anyone. The tree has been up and the gifts are definitely going to get wrapped ninth hour on Christmas Eve. But have you queued up the playlist for Christmas morning? There is nothing less festive than the cold silence of exhausted people shuffling into a room with a tree. And unless there are kids or grandkids to fill in the noise with their eager shrieks (and even then), you want something to soften the edge and add to the festive vibes. Here's a collection of great albums, matched to your Christmas tree style, perfect for turning on a soothing backdrop of festivity as you open gifts and transition into the rest of your celebration. 

Mariah Carey, Merry Christmas

It only makes sense to finish the season with it's classic opener, and Mariah is the voice of Christmas. Nothing touches her voice and these classic arrangements. It's Christmas, period. Perfect for people with color coordinated, classically decorated trees (preferably in red, silver or gold). 

Dolly Parton, A Holly Dolly Christmas

Can you ever go wrong with Dolly? This album is her most recent, featuring duets with Willie Nelson, Miley Cyrus and Randy Parton. But in her catalogue is an extensive selection of Christmas albums, including the 1984 album with Kenny Rogers. Perfect for people who decorate their tree with as much color and tinsel as possible. 

Johnny Cash, The Classic Christmas Album 

Johnny Cash also put out a number of Christmas albums, but his 2013 "The Classic. . ." is the perfect compilation to put on during the day. Johnny Cash's voice is the sober, soothing backdrop for everything from present opening to the meal. Perfect for people with classic country decor and Kraft paper wrapped presents. 

Elvis Presley, Elvis' Christmas Album 

Elvis' 1957 Christmas album is all Elvis and all Christmas. Everything has a bit of the singer's classic swerve, especially his rendition of White Christmas. Perfect for anyone who is still putting up a colored aluminum Christmas tree. 

Michael Bublé, Christmas 

If you're looking for classic (but not boring) Christmas music, sung with a traditional vibe, you can't go wrong with Michael Bublé. Absolutely soothing without putting anyone to sleep. Perfect for anyone who's Christmas tree decorations came basically entirely from Target. 

Cups of hot cocoa on wood for the holiday

Kasey Musgraves, A Very Kasey Christmas

Blending Christmas classics such as Rudolph and Feliz Navidad with Kacey's weird fun psychedelic country songs like Christmas Makes Me Cry. This is the album for you and your roommates when you slip outside to smoke a joint and feel sad that you didn't go home like your Mom asked. 

A Charlie Brown Christmas

A cartoon yes, but an impeccable piano album from Vince Guaraldi Trio. This is a surprisingly sophisticated, classic choice. No one hates this album. Perfect for people with a tree full of ornaments collected over the course of twenty years and somehow still beautifully cohesive. 

James Brown, A Very Funky Christmas 

This 1995 album from James Brown is another great groove Christmas album--just enough of James Brown to liven up the party, and enough Christmas to still be festive. Perfect for people who really go hard on different sized ornament bulbs on their tree. 

Sufijan Stevens, Songs for Christmas

The classic sound of Sufijan Stevens, but with a holiday twist, flute solo included. This album is perfect for people who might not believe in the holiday or materialism, but still like the greenery and heart.  

She & Him, A Very She & Him Christmas

This duo of Zooey Deschanel (The New Girl) and musician M. Ward. defines classic quirky. It's perfect for people who have tried popcorn stringing as a tree decoration at least once. 

John Legend, A Legendary Christmas

John Legend brings his smooth tones to these Christmas classics. A great album that is sophisticated and classic all at once. Perfect for someone with a super sparkly, yet classic, looking tree. 

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