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EarPeace Presents: OFF Recordings

February 10, 2014

EarPeace Present: Off Recordings

Back in 2008, OFF Recordings was born in Berlin. 5 years on, the label is now well established within the music industry. Led by Andre Crom and supported by some great core artists, they finished 2013 9th on RAs top charting labels of the year. On top of releasing some of the hottest records of the year, their DJs and label nights are becoming increasingly prominent on the dance music circuit. We caught up with Andre Crom to give us some insight into the label, just before they head off on their Off Recordings ‘5 year tour’.


1. As a label, the tunes you release are a constant feature in the charts. What do you think makes you so strong as a label?

We release stripped back and very focused music for the dancefloor. If you have a great theme, let it shine through in your track, don’t add any non-essential ballast. That’s our A&R recipe in a nutshell.

Besides that, we have a very clear and memorable branding, and our family of core artists represents the label and gives it a face.

2. When the label started 5 years ago, did you see the label evolving in the way it has? What have been the best and worst things about it?

To be honest, in the beginning i did not have a big clue of what i was doing. The initial idea was to just have a label where i could independently release the music i like. With more experience, we got a better understanding of where we’re heading, and a clearer vision.

3. You’re going on a “5 year label tour”. Tell us a bit about it and where you will be playing. 

The tour will take us all over europe, and all our core artists are involved on at least one date. The tour will be accompanied by a compilation (to be released on 10 february on Beatport), which features 4 collaborations between our core artists.

4. The last 5 years must have been amazing. What will make the next 5 bigger?

While the first 5 years were more about finding our vision and surviving the roller coaster drive that establishing a label often is, the next 5 years will be about reaching new kinds of fans, we have been known as a „DJ’s label“, and now, with more label showcases, our artists becoming more known, and new release formats like albums and compilations, slowly transform into a”clubber’s label“.

5. Finally, for anyone out there looking to start their own label, what 5 bits of advice would you give them?

1. Understand your own positioning – what is your niche?
2. Focus on the essence. Release only the very best music.
3. While it is not impossible to have, don’t expect quick success.
4. Do only what you love and believe in 100 %. Don’t make musical compromises.
5. Be reflected about what you do. Ask your friends for their honest opinion.

EarPeace and Off Recordings will be collaborating to help raise awareness about hearing health. For more information on hearing protection, click here.

Visit the OFF Recordings official site here: http://www.off-recordings.com/

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