Music Brings Us All Together #SaveOurStages

EarPeace has joined the National Independent Venue Association to #SaveOurStages. Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) and Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) introduced the bipartisan Save Our Stages Act.  Read more

Motorcycle Safety Course 401 - Attitude over Ego: How to NOT be a Squid

While we can’t guarantee your safety (only a fool would believe us anyway), if you follow these steps we can guarantee you won’t walk, talk, act or look like a squid. Stick with it and...

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Motorcycle Safety Course 301 - Training is a Journey, Not a Destination

Just because you can ride a motorcycle with minimal or no training doesn’t mean you should ride a motorcycle with minimal or no training. In this post, we break down why you need training, what kind of training you need, the...

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Motorcycle Safety Course 201 - 5 Types of Gear You Need Every Time You Ride

Safety equipment isn’t a fashion choice, it’s not a political statement, it’s not virtue signaling. Gear is there to keep you healthy, comfortable, and visible. And when the worst happens, provide...

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Motorcycle Safety Course

May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month and we’re laying out three basic pillars of motorcycle safety so you can ride longer and stay safer. Believe it or not the most important – and effective –...

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10 Motorcycle Rallies Plus One We're Hoping To Still Get To This Year

We’ve been cooped up so long…time to ride! This is a big country, with a lot of motorcyclists and a lot Read more

Covid 19: Information We Trust and Strategic Wellness

Our concern for your total well-being has never been greater now that we are face-to-face with the Coronavirus pandemic. The current spread of the emergency is exponential and the Federal / Local government protocols appear...

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From high school to NFL football stadiums, the volume is turned up to LOUD. The crowd at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City broke the record at 142.2 decibels. This is...

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