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EarPeace High Fidelity Hearing Protection


High Fidelity Hearing Protection


Live updates from Miami Music Week



"I believe bass music should be felt as well as heard
and using hearing protection is an essential part of the experience.
I protect my hearing religiously and wear EarPeace ear plugs at every show I play."

"These earplugs actually work. While it’s not true that reading in bed will ruin your eyesight, it’s pretty easy to set yourself up for fifty years of aural unhappiness in exchange for just a few too-loud experiences."
-- Seth Godin | Bestselling Author, Entrepreneur, Marketer and Public Speaker
"The Armada Music branded EarPeace earplugs have been a big hit so far, one of our best-selling items! We are excited to join the campaign to prevent hearing loss and to help spread awareness!"
-- Natalie Cola | Merchandise Manager, Armada Music BV
"I tested these plugs in several different situations and they were as good as or better than advertised. EarPeace has stepped up to the plate and is providing hearing protection that is practical, discreet and very functional…. Buy a few sets of them, give them to your concert going friends, they will thank you, and thanks to you will be able to hear you say you’re welcome."
-- Cape Rust | Staff Writer, Pop Cults
"Sales are going great, it's the best merchandise item we've sold so far!"
-- Jaap de Vries | Label Manager, Noisia
"All in all, I am fanatically impressed with practically every aspect of EarPeace. I recommend it for anyone who enjoys live shows and values their hearing or to anyone who’s got a job that puts their hearing at risk in above moderate noise atmospheres."
-- Spencer W. | FOH Sound Engineer, Pinnacle Entertainment
"We are very happy to work with EarPeace again at our 25th anniversary event. Especially this year, we wanted to provide a great memento and go that extra step to provide stylish and discreet hearing protection that delivers a superior concert experience."
-- Darin Klein | Director of Special Projects, SXSW
"The earplugs have been really well received by our fans, making them one of our most successful products. The earplugs are a great addition to our merchandise."
-- Oran Manenti | Merchandise Manager, Hospital Records


Save your ears with EarPeace,
the best high fidelity hearing protection for live music.


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