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Summer NAMM | July 9, 2015 - today we're thrilled to announce an exclusive partnership with Zildjian. “Together with EarPeace, we are offering a very comfortable, yet discreet solution for the hearing protection of drummers and music fans,” said Tony Lapsansky, Product Manager at Zildjian. We're absolutely thrilled about this long term partnership with one of the most iconic brands in the music industry.


September 1, 2015 - EarPeace is now available on This means that Prime customers in Canada can take advantage of Amazon's two-day priority shipping! And we're not stopping there. Getting you your EarPeace as fast as possible is one of our top priorities, so please check back soon, we're adding more countries this fall...

Black Rock City | August 30, 2015 - For the 2nd consecutive year all medical stations and various camps on the playa gifted hearing health! Burning Man is significant for many reasons, including its influence on EarPeace. On our trip to Black Rock City in 2008 we spoke with numerous DJs, artists and fans who spend A LOT of time in front of loud music. These conversations helped guide our language, aesthetic and mission. We're eternally grateful to be part of this amazing community!


May 7, 2015 - EarPeace is now partnered with CrowdRx, the stand-alone leader in providing medical services for large entertainment events. CrowdRx will supply EarPeace at all of the music festivals and events that they cover, including Coachella, Burning Man and TomorrowWorld. We're also thrilled to announce that Dr. Andrew Bazos joined the board of EarPeace. As the Founder and Chairman of CrowdRx and the Medical Director / House Physician for the New York Yankees and Madison Square Garden, Dr. Bazos knows how damaging overexposure to amplified sound can be. This collaboration is part of an ongoing effort to make our products available through the absolute best music industry and medical health professionals.

April 20, 2015 - thanks to you EarPeace is now available in Guitar Center! We began with a simple promise, one that remains today: EarPeace will improve your live entertainment experience. Thank you for being with us on this journey and advocating for a better sounding world. People are listening and it's a direct result of your continued business and support.

April 15, 2015 - yup, you heard it right: Metallica is now merchandising EarPeace. We couldn't be more stoked that the all time metalist band is carrying our products. Head on over to and a pick up a set while they're still in stock.

Miami Music Week | March 26, 2015 - We go where the music is loud and people like to party - at that place is Miami. We're thankful once again to be cutting the dBs at the Red Bull Guest House, the ultimate Miami Music Week party where artists like Lil' Wayne and Chromeo are shutting it down! Check out our daily recaps and the best social posts from #RBGH 2015. Enjoy, we are!


Anaheim, CA | January 21, 2015 - EarPeace ventured to the NAMM show once again to showcase our full range of high fidelity hearing protection products and accessories. It was great to see a lot of familiar faces, talk one on one with our customers, and meet some new friends. It was also refreshing to see more activity in the hearing protection space. This is a growing market tackling a HUGE global health problem, and the rising tide helps to spread the word. Looking forward to seeing you again in 2016!


January 5, 2015 - Late last year our good friend and incredible dubstep producer Jeff Abel (a.k.a. Excision) decided that he wanted to give away really good hearing protection to all of his pre-sale ticket customers. So we hooked it up! And starting today you can purchase Excision limited edition hearing protection. Why? Because bass is meant to be felt, not heard. And if you really want to really feel the bass - 150,000 watts of PK Sound to be exact - "the 2015 installment of the Executioner Tour is the only dubstep show you need to see this year" (source: EDM Tunes). 


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