We’ve partnered with The House Institute Foundation to help raise awareness and funding for ear and neuroscience research, education, and global hearing health. The foundation aligns with our mission to keep people hearing for a lifetime in the loud environments they love.

We have two ways you can get involved! Purchase our exclusive World Hearing Day 2022 collab OR make a donation directly to The House Institute Foundation. Thank you for your support!

The House Institute Foundation

The House Institute is one of the most well-known hearing and neuroscience medical institutions in the world. Founded in 1946 by Dr. Howard House, the Foundation began by treating patients with hearing loss while also offering courses and techniques for ear surgery. Dr. House was also at the vanguard of education, launching the first educational campaign aimed at manufacturers to inform them of the adverse effects of excessive noise on hearing. The House Institute also developed standards for NIHL that were adopted by the government’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration in 1956. Dr. Howard House’s brother, Dr. William House, revolutionized the use of the cochlear implant that helped to restore hearing for millions of people. Today, the Foundation focuses on ear and neuroscience research, education, and global hearing health.

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