EarPeace Music Reviews

All I can say is press Add to Cart now!

"EarPeace is the best you can get. I can hear my friends right next to me without screaming, every word the singer is saying is clear, the bass is there, the harmonics are there, the entire soundstage is right there. It just feels like the volume is lowered to a reasonable level. You honestly still get that full-on concert level sound experience with none of the residual damage!”

A Photographer's Best Friend

"Aside from memory cards, the only thing I double check before every show is that I have my EarPeace! I've been inches from the monitors photographing Metallica and heard every note at a comfortable level. I attend over 100 concerts, shows and events each year and I won't leave home without them. Currently have two sets, I highly recommend them to anyone who is into music or enjoys nightlife."

EarPeace is dope AF!

"I have been using EarPeace for well over a year now - I DJ and produce and attend many concerts of every genre of music. The clarity and the comfort is top notch and I always rep the product and brand to my friends and strangers. I already own three sets, can't imagine my life without EarPeace!”

- Kevin from NYC
- Rockshowpix from Providence, RI
- Nathan from Seattle, WA