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Custom Fit EarPeace Filters Product Information

  • Options for your ultimate upgrade

    The EP 10 is our lightest filter, giving softer attenuation for delicate and detailed acoustic performances.

    The EP 17 is our highest performance filter and delivers the flattest response available. Designed specifically for musicians and vocal performers, the EP 17 gives the most accurate response of any hearing protector with flat 17dB protection across the board. Keeping all frequencies in check relative to one another means you get to hear the music just as it should sound – but 17dB quieter with no loss of high or low frequencies.

    The EP 26 is one of the strongest, level-attenuating earplugs available, offering protection for the most challenging sound environments. Whether you are dancing all day in front of the stacks or working front of house, the EP 26 will keep your hearing safe.

  • Unequaled Performance

    The EarPeace custom fit acoustic filters provide the flattest response of any hearing protection. These ear plugs deliver an accurate representation for anyone that requires complete fidelity from their ear plugs. Originally designed and perfected for musicians and vocalists, EarPeace custom fit is now retooled with the wearer in mind. For starters, it’s smaller than many competing filters which means it can fit into smaller ears without any protrusion which is great for both comfort and style. The filters can also be swapped to any other level as your environment demands, giving you complete control over your protection with just a single set of custom molds. In addition, EarPeace custom fit are water resistant so they can be used outside or in high moisture environments and can withstand perspiration without it damaging the filter membrane.

    We solved the “occlusion effect”

    Trying to create a natural sounding earplug is hard. Sounds that you create are carried to your ear canal through bone-conducted vibrations along the side of the head. These vibrations normally escape through the open ear canal so they not “heard”. When you block off your ear canal, the sound of your own voice / what you ‘hear’ is amplified inside your head because the vibrations don’t escape. Audiologists call this the ‘the occlusion effect’. A large amount of occlusion can be eliminated by ensuring that the ear plug sits deep enough in the ear canal so the vibrations hit the plug rather than entering the canal at all. EarPeace custom fit goes a step further and are vented to allow sound to pass both ways, delivering a natural sound experience.


    The PRO-10 is our lightest filter, giving softer attenuation for delicate and detailed acoustic performances. Great for acoustic musicians, smaller ensembles and anyone exposed to moderate sound levels. The PRO-10 will protect your hearing in noise levels of up to 90dB.


    The PRO-17 is the most natural sounding acoustic filter in the world. Designed specifically for musicians and vocal performers, the PRO-17 offers the flattest and most accurate frequency response of any hearing protector. This means that you hear as close to reference sound as possible – but 17dB quieter with nominal frequency distortion. The PRO-17 is the perfect choice for anyone who needs to hear clearly in noise levels of up to 100dB.


    Designed to soften harsh high frequency sounds, the PRO-20 is ideal for drummers. The PRO-20 provides protection in ambient sound levels of up to 105dB.


    The PRO-26 is one of the strongest, level-attenuating earplugs available, offering protection for the loudest and most challenging sound environments. Whether you are dancing all day in front of the stacks, working behind the bar or running front of house sound, the PRO-26 will keep your hearing safe. The PRO-26 will provide protection in sound levels of up to 110dB. 


    Our PRO-Impulse filter is designed to provide optimum protection from high levels of impulse sound. Developed for military use, these filters protection hearing from gunfire, artillery noise and impulse sounds from loud machines like nail guns, drop hammers and riveters. Designed to allow air to enter the ear, this unique filter technology retains spatiality and sound directionality as required in hunting and combat situations. Our Impulse filters have undergone full environmental testing for humidity, sand storms, hot and cold temperatures and 12+ hour comfort. PRO-Impulse is suitable for indoor and outdoor situations where protection from loud impulse noise is required.

  • Fitting Guide

    Each of your hearing protectors is marked with red or blue detail. The EarPeace with red detail fits the right ear and the one with blue detail fits the left ear. Hold the hearing protector as in Figure 1 and insert into the ear canal twisting it backwards while applying slight pressure as in Figures 2 & 3. Press the protector until it fits comfortably in your ear as in Figure 4.

    Where your hearing protectors have a grip, hold the grip when inserting the earpieces.

    To remove, grip the hearing protectors and twist in a forward motion while pulling gently from the ear. NEVER remove by pulling on the (optional) connection cord or the cable (Communicator variant only).

    A tube of comfort cream is provided which can help with insertion, by spreading a small amount on the tip of the earpiece that fits into the ear canal. Pay attention not to get cream into the sound duct.

    Care and Maintenance of your Hearing Protectors

    It is important that you read these notes to ensure longevity of your custom hearing protectors. Failure to care for your hearing protectors in accordance with the instructions could severely affect their performance.

    Use a moist cloth or sterile wipe to clean the silicone moulds. Visually inspect the sound ducts on each earpiece to check that no wax, skin debris or dirt has penetrated. Use the wire loop pick provided to carefully remove any matter. Always return to the carry pouch when not in use. Keep away from moisture and heat or direct sunlight. DO NOT immerse the filters in any liquid. The filters can be removed by gently squeezing the mould around the filter until it ‘pops’ out allowing the moulds to be thoroughly cleaned. After cleaning, ensure that the filter socket is completely dry before replacing the filter.

    If your hearing protectors incorporate wired components do not immerse your earpieces in any liquid.

    This product may be adversely affected by certain chemical substances. Further information should be sought from the manufacturer.

  • ACS was established in 1994 as a company dedicated to hearing conservation and the manufacture of custom ear plugs and in-ear monitors. Since introducing the first soft silicone in ear monitor, ACS has stayed at the forefront of innovation and product development. Their outstanding range of T Series in-ear monitors deliver industry leading on-stage performance and are the choice of top artists. Outside of their pro-audio application, ACS custom earphones are selected by audiophiles and music lovers for the a stunning audio experience.

    R&D is the pumping heart of ACS and they just launched the groundbreaking Live! Series ambient system, which allows users of the T1 Live! and T2 Live! earphones the ability to introduce and control the ambient surroundings into their monitor mix in the most natural way possible.

    We partnered with ACS because they understand that every customer is unique and valuable. ACS delivers the best in products and service. Headquartered in Banbury, Oxfordshire, ACS has offices in London and New York and a global network of carefully selected manufacturing and distribution partners.

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