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Motorcycle.com x EarPeace (Limited Edition)

Quality Guarantee

EarPeace & Motorcycle.com have teamed up to raise awareness on hearing health among riders! Now is the time to reassess the elements of Motorcycle safety. At 65mph wind noise inside a full-face helmet can exceed 100db - safe for only a matter of minutes. Hearing protection is one of the most important accessories no rider should be without.

EarPeace ear plugs are purpose-built to make your next ride or motorsports event more comfortable and enjoyable. Our filter technology allows a small, precise amount of unobstructed sound in so you maintain situational awareness. Perfect for lowering engine and wind noise so you can still hear the comms under your helmet. Comfortably maintain situational awareness and decrease fatigue. 

Our promise is simple - you will hear and feel better when you wear EarPeace!

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