December 08, 2021

Ten Days of Gift Guides: The People You're Forgetting (and what to get them)

Ten Days of Gift Guides: The People You're Forgetting (and what to get them)

EarPeace is the perfect gift, not just for people who have everything, but also for people you forgot to get anything for. Here's a quick check to see if you're missing anyone, and how many to keep on hand just in case. (Good news, we're in the middle of our three day, buy one get one 50% off sale!) 

1. Your Hairdresser/Barber

This is a classic "I need a gift, but what, besides a Starbucks gift card, would be appropriate?" You don't want anything too personal or too specific, but it's always nice to give someone who spends all year keeping you fresh, something they'll really value. You may not realize it but hairdryers have a very loud decibel range: anywhere from 91 decibels to 110 decibels. Which is similar to power tools, lawnmowers, and chainsaws. You may be fine, once every few months, but you're hairdresser is exposed to those decibels on a prolonged basis, making it more likely they'll experience headaches, hearing loss, and tinnitus. A pair of EarPeace Safety earplugs is the perfect gift--they're discreet, won't interfere with talking, but will drastically reduce the decibels. 

2. The delivery person who brings you all those Amazon packages. 

This person definitely deserves something for all those packages this year. We were in a pandemic! You're still buying laundry detergent and toilet paper this way. Give this person something to combat all the barking dogs, loud exhausts, and just flat out over-it, postal/package worker. The warehouse is loud. The truck is loud. Your dog is loud. Give them the gift of some peace

3. Your Florida aunt who showed up with your parents. 

You forgot this aunt existed. Don't you remember Aunt Pam? She had some problems for a couple of years (nearly your whole life, actually), but she showed up at your mom's this holiday season with three suitcases and a story that may or may not involve a Miami hustler she was dating. You don't have anything for her. "It's fine," your mom says, but no one wants that awkward moment of explaining why there is no gift for one person. Keep a box of Music Original on hand, for when she's back in Miami eager to be seduced at the old man salsa clubs. 

4. Your cousin's kid, omg how are they so old? (who definitely has ADHD, Karen)

Your cousin, Karen, thinks the shot is a microchip invented by Bill Gates and ADHD is a conspiracy of big Pharma to discriminate against white males. Her kid Tyler is bouncing off the walls and yelling "XD" from inside his hoodie because he is overstimulated AF. Earplugs like our Music Original only reduce the distortion and extra noise, resulting in an enhanced music experience, but lowering the decibels without distortion can also help reduce the effects of overstimulation for people with autism and ADHD. Tyler will be relieved to find his body calm down enough to actually eat some of your pumpkin pie. Karen will come up with a circuitous reason why this has a calming effect on him. 

5. Your Boss/Coworkers

Either the hardest gift of the season or the easiest gift of the season--usually. This year though, it's EarPeace all the way down. No one feels left out or awkward, and everyone gets a practical, luxury gift they didn't even know how much they'd use! You're amazing. 

6. Your really anxious friend. 

Anxiety makes everything hard, even the things you want to do. Wearing earplugs can help with anxiety by lowering the auditory stimulation of the brain. EarPeace does not muffle sounds, but reduces the decibels, making it perfect to filter out the distortion and extras that can contribute to anxiety. Even better--wearing them with nature sounds has been studied as effectively lowering anxiety

7. Your therapist.

Another potentially awkward, tricky gift. Since you're assuming your therapist is a pro at all the self-soothing suggestions she keeps giving you (motorcycles, turns out, are not the soother you considered them to be!) show them you're listening with a gift of EarPeace. Appropriate, useful and gold stars! 

8. Your musician friend.

Whether it's that guy with the acoustic guitar or your DJ friend that's always posting from really cool locations, EarPeace Music Pro earplugs have every musician covered. Musicians are especially susceptible to hearing damage and depend deeply on keeping the full spectrum of sound. Our patented earplugs are used by Metallica, Redbull Music, and NPR, making them the perfect choice for your musician friend. 

9. Your friend who will not let a plague or old age stop them from going to that rave. 

They were vaccinated with sunshine, then Pfizer, they did their research, and you're not going to argue with them. They've always danced to their own beat anyway. But before they become your Aunt Pam, you're going to at least help them save their hearing so they can dance all night, arthritis be damned. 

10. Your drug dealer.

They did good work this year, enough said. Grab them some Moto Original for that GSX-R600 they're sporting on snapchat. 

If you know the person really well and you're looking for gifts, don't forget to check out our Gift Guide for the Festival Lover and Gift Guide for Moto 

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