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Miami Music Week - Day 2

March 27, 2015

Whew, yesterday was quite the whirlwind. We’re finally getting acclimated to the weather / atmosphere but the lack of sleep will always be the killer. After cooking some breakfast and recharging the batteries, we hopped on the old Chevrolegs and started cruising down Collins Ave. We kicked off the day by heading to the Red Bull Guest House for the Rumors party with Guy Gerber, Danny Tenaglia, Chaim, and special guest DJ set by Chromeo. Last year, Guy Gerber and Solomun put together our favorite party of the weekend at the RBGH Breakfast Sessions so we were amped up. In case you didn’t know, each night RBGH hosts epic parties with some of the most top-flight talent, all while there is a huge buffet of delicious food to snack on. We here at EarPeace love our music, especially when combined with good food / drinks.

During the day party, we started things off with Danny Tenaglia, who we came equipped with custom product for. Danny loved it since he himself has been relatively open in the past about dealing with tinnitus / hearing damage. We love working with people like Danny who truly have a deeper and more meaningful relationship to the product / message that we represent. Guy Gerber did what he usually does and turned the party up to an 11. This led us right into Tha Funk Lordz themselves, Chromeo, who rounded out the evening with a heavy dose of classic Chromeo songs, hip-hop, and even some solid future house tracks. It was fantastic.

After a long day of sun-soaked fun at RBGH, we headed to check out possibly our favorite lineup of the weekend at the Paradise Miami party. With the like of Jamies Jones, Guy Gerber, Hot Since 82, Eats Everything, Lee Foss, Matador, and Jackmaster manning the tunes for the night, how could one go wrong? We brought along custom EarPeace for our friend Matador and as his set really started firing up, his manager passed them out to the people in the crowd. People loved them and were very thankful. The outdoor vibes of the Paradise party were a nice change of pace from the nightclub scene and the whimsical decorations made it seem like an oasis amongst downtown Miami.

As the night rolled on, we jetted back over to South Beach to catch the legend Joris Voorn spin for the RBGH Breakfast Sessions. His awe-inspiring techno set was a perfect way to bring the night to a close. Lacing his set with techno from the deepest depths of some clubs in Berlin, he whipped the crowd into a frenzy and started a good old fashioned dance party for the ages. Once we ate a couple fried chicken & waffle sliders at the buffet, we slid back to our room to catch some well-needed rest. We’ll be updating you further tomorrow.

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