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EarPeace Reviews- Eastern Electrics

July 30, 2013


Eastern Electrics is highly anticipated this year, after becoming the fastest selling electronic music festival in 2012 the EE guys have created a 3 day festival bonanza. And we don’t use the phrase bonanza lightly, with a 24 hour arena and bespoke stages this promises to be a perfect event for true electronic music fans.

The days of going to a festival and seeing an artist on a plain stage and just hearing a mishmash of noise from the soundsystem are now gone. Recently, a lot of festivals have began to really understand what makes a revellers experience just that bit more amazing, whether it be visual, auditory or physical, everything is catered for. EE have worked with production teams affiliated with festival giants such as Glastonbury, Bestival and Creamfields to create a theme which works around their brand identity with the outdoor transformer stage, all night generator and a range of other electric inspired gems.

Check out the huge line-up here and the newly announced set times here!

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