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Why I’m Excited for V Festival.

August 14, 2013

Festivals have become a bit of a craze in the UK over the past years. It seems that if you haven’t been to one you’re laughed off smugly. Baring this in mind, festival organisers have noticed that it’s no longer just the alternative market that want to experience a weekend watching their favourite bands and drinking watery booze.

V festival has targeted a market that’s more mainstream than other festivals. Because of this different crowd, V seems to get sneered at by festival regulars. It seems that you see more snap backs perched precariously on-top of gym sculptured bodies than most and a lot of Topshop bought Metallica t-shirts, but, every festival attracts its own type of person so why shouldn’t these guy have their fun?

I think most people assume that because V is a more poppy environment that it loses it’s authenticity, but, in all honesty I’m looking forward to knowing every word to “Breakeven” by The Script and not being terrified to show it. I think that’s the sweet thing about V, it’s not trying to prove anything. At other festivals it seems there’s a pressure to only do cool things and only like band before they’re cool, it’s confusing. V has all the year’s most listened to artists and some comebacks you forgot you loved. This means, rather than trawling round the festival pretending you know the names of every small band on the introducing stage; you can just relax and have a good sing-along.

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