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EarPeace Reviews- Eastern Electrics 2013

August 27, 2013

Still needing to catch up on sleep and other things people call normal like showers, I wrote this with the festival spirit still burning strongly inside me. So much so, that I still don’t really want to do anything that might put it out. I kind of like the state I’m in. Eastern Electrics, the house and techno event finally making the transition from warehouse to full festival, will hopefully be a mainstay on the UK festival circuit. One good set followed another, and the amount of people doing what we dubbed the festival run[1] showed that those attending would probably agree with me. With relatively no overcrowding, and the attention to detail shown by the organisers- from the line-up to the stages to the 6am finishing time- the festival had that genuine feel that a lot of the larger festivals seem to lack nowadays.

Watching from our stall, I could only watch with envy as others rushed around, going from stage to stage, with the steady four to the floor beat reverberating through the ground making my feet increasingly itchy. Finally given the chance to let loose, I wandered from stage to stage in my breaks, taking in what I could before closing up and taking in Eats Everything’s highly energetic set at the Switchyard stage. This set the precedent for the next few days- with the energy, passion and skill shown by the DJs making every opportunity to get out and dance as enjoyable as the last. The only disappointment (apart being chained to our stall) was that it had to end. The upcoming winter months will no doubt douse my inner festival fire slightly, but come summertime, hopefully next year’s Eastern Electrics will reignite it harder than a Chinese new year’s fireworks display.

Eastern Electrics, until next year,

Much love,

EarPeace xoxo

PS- remember, if like EarPeace & Eastern Electrics, you like dancing till the sun comes up and then a little more, why not try our ear plugs to keep your hearing fresh and prevent ringing ears throughout any event. Also helps with sleeping. Trust me. I managed to have a nap in the middle of the festival.

[1] festival run- the mad, delirious and not so graceful run people do when entering the festival, rushing from stage to stage, or getting out the rain

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