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EarPeace Reviews- Discovery 2

September 25, 2013

 A fair few people spend a lot of time moaning that today’s music is nothing but big labels, EDM producers and crowd pleasing mainstream acts. However, others, such as  Alex Kerr-Wilson co-founder of Discovery Talent and Umong Shah are out to prove that there are plenty of fresh, unknown acts out there. You just have to know where to look for them.

Launched in June 2003 by Ruth Rothwell, Katherine Melling & Alex KW, Discovery has been going for just over 10 years. Acts that have passed through their doors include Ed Sheeran, Get Cape Wear Cape Fly, and Sandi Thom.  “We aim to help give talented emerging artists a springboard for their music careers”, says Alex KW, “from finding quality venues for them to perform at, to putting them in touch with trusted agencies, Discovery really is about showcasing some of the best unsigned talent around”.

Going down to their most recent gig at the small yet intimate AAA club in London, it’s clear to see that Discovery  really do have an eye for talent. The first act, a group of 15 year olds called Vinyl Staircase, defied their youthful years, displaying as much skill on stage as they did hair (I only realised how young and fresh faced they actually were when the bassist decided to push his hair back). They were followed by irish solo act, Sample Answer, who overcame guitar string issues with no shortage of character and skill, and Lola King & the Kickstarts, who had to be forced off stage by Alex KW due to time constraints, despite the crowd’s calls for an encore.

The night was capped off by Fudge & the Frequencies’ highly anticipated and brilliant live set. Cramming 9 musicians on to the tiny stage, the band gave the audience a taste of their new sound, futuristic funk. The performance had the whole crowd moving, with both young and old singing along and enjoying the show. This perfectly encapsulated what Discovery is all about- a show put on by passionate promoters for passionate artists to showcase their skills to the industry and welcoming music fans . And who knows, you might just witness the next big thing walking out on that stage…

To get an idea of the kind of acts that Discovery has worked with, here is a playlist they have put together for us featuring some of their best previous acts: Discovery 2: Ones To Look Out For

There will be a Discovery 2 showcase  in Cardiff on the 20th September- for more information click here:

Discovery 2 is on every last Thursday of the month at the AAA in Kensington, London. For more info 

EarPeace is a proud partner of Discovery Talent, helping provide their artists with access to quality, affordable hearing protection.

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