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EarPeace Reviews- Hospitality @ Brixton (The Final)

October 02, 2013

Hospital Records promised the most heavyweight DJ’s for their huge event at Brixton on the 27th of September, and boy did they pull it off. The Hospitality event based around head to head turntable battles between huge artists was held under a boxing match type theme, ring girls and MC commentators filled the ring style stage accompanied an amazing sound system and intense light shows.

The sheer size of the event was staggering. Thousands of avid Hospital fans filled Brixton, but the intimacy wasn’t lost. There was a great atmosphere and artists could be seen wondering around the event chatting in the crowd and raving as hard as their fans, (a personal favourite was Chris Goss in a boxing gown). For all you veteran Drum & Bass fans DBridge dropped a mixture of some oldies to get the crowd into frenzy against Breakage’s classic ragga and amen sounds which had everyone pulling shapes like no one’s business. As well as those scene classics everyone loves, the DJs were dropping exclusive future bangers including tracks from Camo & Krooked’s brand new Zeitgeist release and Nu:Logic’s What I’ve Always Waited For.

As well as the Drum and Bass royalty on the line-up, Hospital hosted up and coming producers in room two, ranging from Grime’s huge producer Preditah along with Glitchy Woz and electro and house from Dismantle all having ravers moving on the dance floor until the early hours.


Cam Craven

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