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EarPeace Reviews- Tokyo Dub 2013

October 10, 2013

I found myself to be mystified about what was going down at Tokyo Dub, the line-up seemed to be a mishmash of genres and the location was smack bang in the center of Bristol. Heavy Dub soundsystem based artists to Deep House, Jungle and Dubstep arranged around a church in Bristol’s Castle Park seemed like an interesting scenario. Huddling around a rig at 11 in the morning sounds weird, but throughout the day it was easy to see that Bristol is the perfect setting for an event like this.

Tokyo Dub’s fought against the past few years’ conventions, playing a unique range of the UK’s biggest sound systems including VIVEK’s System rig, Iration Steppas and RC1. The Jungle, Dub and Dubstep injection Tokyo Dub provides shoots enthusiasm through it’s dedicated crowds and was a fresh take on the UK’s festival scene.

At 11am the first festival goers sprung through the gates, already geared up for stepping to whatever bass-stuffed beat that was going to be chucked at them. The day was spent by most navigating the stages Tokyo Dub had to offer, even though the event is relatively small, the amount of space and choice of stages/ genres was brilliant. People crowded around the rigs, desperately trying to ingest as much of the sound as physically possible and groups sprawled across the grassy hills was the common theme of the day, accompanied by various reggae and dub remixes over Techno, Jungle and electronic beats.

The EarPeace stall was opposite the System stage which allowed us to see acts and dance while working which was great. Breakage, P Money and Gorgon Sound kept us stomping throughout the event among an array or other sets to keep the crowd moving.  The festival finished at 11 being round up by the one and only Coki mixing his classic dubstep beats with newer bangers.

Tokyo Dub provided an authentic and contemporary take on festivals. The day felt like one big bass laden mix of free party and club sounds creating  a great atmosphere. The crowds were filled with smiling faces and the reception was refreshing compared to some of the other UK festivals. Tokyo Dub whether it be the festival or club night, is definitely one to check out.

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Images courtesy of Tokyo Dub

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