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EarPeace Presents- TomorrowWorld 2013

October 22, 2013

I now understand why TomorrowLand 2013 sold out 187,000 tickets in 1 second.

TomorrowLand, one of the biggest, most international EDM festivals in the world just wrapped up their 8th year in Belgium this past summer (representing over 241 countries!). If you missed it, check out the top 6 moments here and the 2013 aftermovie.

TomorrowLand is known for being the ultimate theme festival – every detail and experience is thought through and curated.  From functioning waterfalls to ten-metre tulips, TomorrowLand’s decorations are designed to provide a completely immersive experience. An experience, that could only be had in Europe– until now.

Imagine our excitement when we heard that this fantastical music festival was finally coming to the U.S., as TomorrowWorld!  Not only were we able to attend, we were also asked to create customized EarPeace for TomorrowWorld VIP members and DJ guests (see below).  We were also able to give one lucky fan free tickets and airfare to the event through our Practice Safe Sound contest.  All contestants had to do was submit a photo of what #practicesafesound meant to them. Here is our winning entry, congrats again to Adam Treanor!

 Keep posted on our Facebook page for future contests!

This was one of our favorite EarPeace projects yet.  TomorrowWorld creatives wrapped their look and feel around our packaging in a subtle and beautiful manner.  It was the perfect VIP gift: the best possible hearing protection that also fit TomorrowWorld’s whimsical theme perfectly.  We couldn’t have been happier from the great feedback we got from the VIP memebrs and DJ’s- and this was even before the show really got going!


Over 140,000 costumed EDM devotees flocked to the 500-acre farm in Chattahoochie Hills, Georgia to see DJ greats like Hardwell, Tiesto, Armin Van Buuren, Sander Van Doorn, and Afrojack. Everything that TomorrowLand is famous for was there and more – the trippy flower and mushroom decorations, flashing lights and neon-clad ravers weren’t anything new, but TomorrowWorld really outdid itself with its crazy stages.  With on-point names like “Trance Addict” and “It’s a Trap”, the creative stages rotated artists and genres daily- constantly shaking it up with fresh energy and vibes.

“It’s like Disneyland or Disneyworld for adults, it’s on that scale in terms of set design, and amazing feeling of being in a vacation landscape,” said Project Manager Shawn Kent.

TomorrowWorld also revolutionized the festival camping experience with Dreamville, a mystical city with everything from bakeries, customized tents, exclusive welcome parties and an awesome tree-hugging mantra: “we breathe by the sun, love by the moon.” Strolling through the tents at mid-evening was it’s own party.  After hours of dancing at the festival, people came ‘home’ to grill, shower up and blast their own sound systems.  All in all an incredible experience from start to finish!

A big shout-out to SFX Entertainment for bringing TomorrowWorld to America.  It was an amazing experience and we’re ready for the next adventure!

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