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What ever happened to the Christmas No.1?

November 13, 2013


By the time December hits, the shops are inundated with an array of Christmas CD compilations with everything from the ‘Darkeness – Christmas Time’ to the classic ‘Slade – Merry Christmas Everybody’ but to today’s younger generation the idea of a Christmas No.1 simply depends on who end’s up getting more votes in X-Factor.

Before the rise of X Factor, the well-known Christmas No.1 slot was a raw battle between some hard working bands that put out an averagely produced song with an unnecessary amount of bells ringing throughout. The songs would be accompanied by as many festively themed daytime TV appearances as possible, as long as there was no shortage of tinsel on set that is.

Soon, under our noses, appeared X factor. Taking the world by storm it seemed to almost sneak in and steal the Christmas No.1 slot without us even realising. The new tradition continued until one person put their foot down and said no. In 2009 an 18-year-old from South Shields made a simple statement and campaigned on Facebook to get ‘Rage Against The Machine – Killing In The Name Of’ to No.1. The campaign soon went viral with national news covering the story and the world heading out and joining in the statement. When it finally came to the day of Christmas No.1 the world threw its arms up in celebration that it made it to the No.1 slot. It was a success for social media, for the aggravated late teens and for the rest of that large group of people who hate X-Factor.

Now four years down the line where has the musical revolution left us? Well considering in 2010 the X Factor winner Matt Cardle became Christmas No.1, not too much has changed. Since then the previous years have seen two charity singles top the charts, which most people can agree is better than sending money direct to Simon Cowell and his minions.

I had high hopes that this year may be the year that the real Christmas No.1 returned, after hearing Kelly Clarkson was releasing a whole album of Christmas treats, festively named ‘Wrapped In Red’ I thought she may be getting the ball rolling and we’d soon see some great bands rocking around a snow covered evergreen. This was until I read today “AC/DC’s Highway To Hell for Christmas No.1?”

It’s been announced that the classic school uniform dressed rockers are almost the bookies favourites, just short of (what a surprise) the X factor winner. The campaign started last week and has already generated over 109,000 likes on Facebook. In my opinion the revolution has happened, we all did our bit and made a point, we don’t like X factor. The magic was that we beat it, we did it for the first time and proved it was possible. How long will it be until there’s a campaign against the campaign for Christmas No.1?

Considering we’ve not even reached the magical month of December yet there’s a lot that could happen, but If you’re like me and you just want some classic sleigh bells then take my advice: Turn the radio off and put on one of your many Christmas compilation CDs from when you were a kid. That’s the only way it will be a real Christmas.

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