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EarPeace Reviews: Lissie

December 13, 2013

Monday night at the Fonda was an incredible night of inspiring musicianship and raucous crowd singalongs. EarPeace went to check out one of our favorite kick ass women in music today, Elisabeth Corrin Maurus, otherwise known as Lissie.  Opening the night was Nashville based indie-rock group Kopecky Family Band, who the audience warmed up to almost instantaneously. Complete with jangly guitars, electric harmonies, and some intense tambourine shaking, Kopecky Family Band started the night off with a bang.

Then Lissie came in like an unrelenting storm and blew everyone away. There’s something strangely captivating about her presence, she simultaneously seems like the barefoot girl next door and an old school rock star, tough as nails. Her confidence is refreshingly balanced with a healthy dose of genuine vulnerability and sweetness. It’s true her defining feature is her voice and it’s hard not to wax poetic about it. Her vocal runs are effortless, never straying or falling flat. As soon as you think you know how far her voice can go, she takes it to the next level. Her powerhouse voice is undeniable, but the gravelly, emotive quality of her voice really sets her apart.

Her set alternated between smooth ballads like “They All Want You” which had a classic country, Stevie Nicks feel and rollicking anthems like “Further Away (Romance Police)”. Her vocal range and skills were undeniable as she went from gently crooning in a slight country twang to bringing the house down with her powerhouse vocals.

Though her presence and voice are massive and powerful, watching her was like watching a friend perform at a small coffeehouse open mic, because of her warmth and accessibility to the audience. Her performance was peppered with funny anecdotes and back and forth dialogue with her fans. When an overly enthusiastic fan yelled “I love you Lissie!” during a lull in the show, she said “thank you” with a bashfulness delightful to see after her confident, rock n’ roll performance.  It’s obvious that she personally cares for her fans and is truly moved by their support and love for her.

“Thanks for coming out on a cold Monday night… I know a lot of you have to go to work in the morning. This one’s for you,” Lissie sweetly says before launching into “I Don’t Wanna Go to Work”, a spirited tune that all underappreciated laborers can relate to.

Refreshingly honest, Lissie proclaimed, “Buy my album. I don’t know where this bullshit of not buying albums came from. Streaming it doesn’t count.” Who knows if the statement fell on deaf ears, but sometimes it’s necessary to hear it straight from the source; these artists make music for a living and need to find support somewhere, miniscule streaming fees don’t always cut it.

Lissie makes it clear she’s not your run-of-the-mill performer. She eschews fame in her song, “Shameless” with lyrics like: “But I don’t buy no hype…I don’t want to be famous if I got to be shameless”.  Even as an artist who’s made it to the Henry Fonda in Los Angeles, Lissie takes a moment to reflect on her roots and her beloved hometown Rock Island, Illinois.  After a moment reflecting on how living on the Mississippi River was an unforgettable experience, she began a soulful rendition of the song inspired by her childhood, “Oh Mississippi”.

Lisse ended her 17 song set with a cover of Drake’s “Hold On We’re Going Home”, and her well-known cover of Kid Cudi’s “Pursuit of Happiness”.

Set List:


  1. “Bully”

  2. “Record Collector”

  3. “Sleepwalking”

  4. “Love in the City”

  5. “The Habit”

  6. “When I’m Alone”

  7. “They All Want You”

  8. “Little Lovin'”

  9. “I Don’t Wanna Go To Work”

  10. “Everywhere I Go”

  11. “Shameless”

  12. Unreleased (“Shroud”?)

  13. “Further Away (Romance Police)”

  14. “In Sleep”


  1. “Oh Mississippi”

  2. “Hold On, We’re Going Home” (Drake cover)

  3. “Pursuit of Happiness” (Kid Cudi cover)

Kopecky Family Band Kopecky Family Band Lissie Lissie Lissie Lissie Lissie

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