January 22, 2014

EarPeace Reviews: Eats Everything

After almost giving up on being a DJ, Eats Everything popularity just doesn’t seem to stop growing. Following being voted top British DJ by DJ Mag in 2012, a two place jump in Resident Advisor’s top 100 poll in 2013, and non-stop tours and releases, Eats Everything will now be taking to the decks at London’s XOYO for a 12 week residency at the club in London’s East End. Featuring some incredible line ups, this is one surely not to be missed. We headed down to check out the opening night…

After getting in, we patiently waited in line for the cloakroom. Winter in the UK means this one of the unavoidable hassles that not many clubs have an answer to. However, a queue meant one thing: the place was packed and ready to party. With the crowd buzzing with anticipation, Eats Everything was greeted to a hero’s welcome. And to everyone’s delight, the first tunes hit the right notes and set a great precedent for the rest of the night (and the series). So much so, that the dance floor was packed from beginning to end.


Personally, I respect any DJ who can pull off an all-night set. Not many people can party for 6 hours straight let alone mix so I was curious to see what Eats could come up with. And to be honest, I think he smashed it. Keeping the place rocking with his unique take on house music, he always seemed to have right tune at the right moment. The tempo remained upbeat, the mixing was seamless, and my feet never stopped moving. Pretty much everything I could ask for on a Saturday night out!

When the set unfortunately came to an end, Eats look shattered. Resident Advisor says he “DJs as if his life depends on it”, and after that performance, I don’t think anyone could say he hadn’t earned a well deserved rest. However, here at EarPeace, the only thing we rest is our ears. Anyone say ‘after party’….?


Eats Everything will be performing at XOYO every Saturday for the next 3 months. For tickets and more information, check here: http://www.xoyo.co.uk/events/index.html

For more information on how to party harder and longer, check out our website to find out more about EarPeace: http://uk.earpeace.com/

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