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EarPeace Reviews: Boiler Room @ V&A Museum, London

February 18, 2014


EarPeace headed to the Victoria & Albert Museum on Friday 31st of January to experience a museum transformed into one of the legendary Boiler Room sessions. The showcase of the unique Berlin-based record label Pan included Helm +Eli Keszler, Bill Kouligas + Mat Dryhurst, Rival Consoles + Mike Zoidis, Steven Warwick and Dark N’ Lovely Meets Rhythm Section. We gathered at the museum for a rumbling three and half hour session, broadcasted live on Boiler Room TV.

Walking in through the entrance of the V&A Museum, we found ourselves in the middle of an eclectic mix of music, technology and art. Spread across 5 rooms, the venue included audio-visual installations and of course, the live Boiler Room set. Immersed into the innovative grooves of the Pan artists, we could hear the experimental tones of Eli Keszler, and the oriental, African and Eastern rhythms from the Dark N’ Lovely Meets Rhythm Section, curated by Thris Tian.

Run by Bill Kouligas, Pan embraces an array of talents. Amongst the artists at Pan, Steven Warwick expressed his goal of creating “visible music” — a theme that manifested in the V&A Friday Late all around. “Meet Ototo,” one of the exhibitions at the V&A was aimed to create music from various objects you might think of. London-based studio Dentaku’s innovative design allows you to generate music from objects such as kitchenware. Yet another mind-blowing creation came from Hal Gillilan who made the creation of music from light and paper possible. Simply put, the “Digital Pianola” permits the conversion of LDR signals to MIDI signals, meaning that light passing through a piece of paper can be translated into notes, allowing a simple way of making music for everyone.

We also had to take a moment to absorb the brilliant genius—Medium. The centerpiece of the massive V&A garden was the unusual outdoor sonic installation, “emptyset,” created by Medium. The visuals of the dark Woodchester Mansion combined with the deep base sounds reverbrating through the images gripped the attention of all that gazed at it. The combination of the imagery and the audio feedback translated into a dark and electronic display.


It’s hard to keep up with the revolutionary nature of Bill Kouligas and his mates but keep an eye out for them; they seem to be leading the way for musical and visual breakthroughs.

Boiler Room is buttered up for a reason indeed, so watch out for the upcoming sessions in London and don’t forget to bring your EarPeace with you; it’ll be essential for extended sessions!

Posted by Yasemin

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