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EarPeace Interviews: Origins Sound

March 03, 2014

EarPeace Presents: Origins Sound

Based in Bath, university friends, Djs, and producers Joe Price and Ali Merkhar aka Origins Sound have slowly been working their way into the music industry. With their flagship “Origins Presents” night selling out every two weeks, a non-stop gig schedule, and an increasingly impressive discography supported by the likes of Hector Couto, Leftwing & Kody, and Kevin Mckay, Origins Sound is definitely a name to keep an eye out for. As part of our commitment to bringing you quality insights from within the music industry, we will be regularly catching up with them as they continue their journey. We hope you find their thoughts interesting!

Origins EPListen to Origins Sound on SoundCloud

You two met at uni, what inspired you to start producing and djing together?
It’s funny, Ali got me into DJing years ago when he lent me his 1210’s in our second year of Uni. It wasn’t until we started living together that we started making music under the Origins Sound Alias. With the events running well and gigs coming in it made sense to carry it on together full time.

What is the Origins ‘sound’ then?
Probably quite a concoction of gnarly influences. Music to party to, put simply.

Tell us a bit about your night, Origins Presents. What do you think has made it so successful?
We were one of the first nights of our kind in our area. We also never set out to make money from our events. It was all about the music and the party, and I think that comes across.

As DJs taking your first steps into the industry, what would you say are the biggest challenges facing you?
Gaining the respect of people who have been in the game for a long time. It’s a big learning curve at this stage, and something that’s pretty far removed from what we studied at Uni. Every day’s a school day.

Eats Everything recently said that being a DJ is the best job in the world. Would you agree?
For a musician definitely. Certainly has to be one of the more exciting jobs out there. I imagine bounty hunter is up there on the excitement scale

Everything being perfect, where do you see yourselves in 5 years?
I’d love to work in a studio fully kitted out with Hardware. There are a few producers we’d love to collab with too. Our position in the “Industry” doesn’t really bother me, as long as we’re able to continue developing as musicians.

Finally, a topical question. Justin Bieber recently got busted for drag racing. Who would win in an egg and spoon race, Origins Sound or Bieber?
Having recently left pre-school, I imagine Bieber is pretty well practiced in egg and spoon racing. That said, Master Splinter once said to me in a dream, it’s not how good you are, it’s how good you want to be.

Wise words from Master Splinter. Origins have recently announced their upcoming gigs, which include the likes of Eats Everything, Citizen, Sidney Charles and Kevin McKay. For more information, check here.

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