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March 13, 2014



It was a warehouse all nighter for Ear Peace on the 1st of March as we made our way to Crucifix Lane to stay until the early hours of the morning. Crucifix Lane was an experience for sure – disguised under two railway arches in London Bridge, it is one of those venues left untamed except for a bar and some lights hanging up on the ceiling. Known to long-time regulars as Jacks or Counter Culture, Crucifix Lane has remained a go-to for underground music lovers in London.

Both Crucifix Lane and Cartulis Day are representatives of the true rave culture and atmosphere, sought out for nowadays. Underground nightlife, rooting back to the Beat Generation’s love of African American music during the 1960’s, has transformed over the century through the rave culture around the world. During the 1980’s Chicago witnessed the rise of a genre—house— that led the way to many others such as techno, progressive and minimal that we all listen to today. House music named after the Chicago club ‘The Warehouse,’ advanced rapidly, spreading like a virus to New York, Detroit and Ibiza, infecting music lovers with what could have been named unimaginable just a few years before.

In the UK, the warehouse scene started to develop in Manchester through free gigs organized by The Stone Roses. Besides The Stone Roses who were essentially an alternative rock band, the rave culture was evolving on the other end of the musical spectrum through brand new Acid House artists. Warehouse parties emerged, blasting house beats with influences of jazz and funk. Clubs like Shoom and Trip opened up in London towards the end of the 80’s, transforming the so-called underground scene into a mainstream one, slowly shaping the nightlife we are familiar with today.

Cartuli’s Day, with events of around 700 people, reminds us of the authentic electronic music culture that gave birth to today’s mainstream Guetta’s and Tiesto’s. Imagine a bona fide warehouse with 2 rooms exploding with quality tech house and minimal; it is safe to say that it was yet another successful event organized by Cartuli’s Day.Bringing the Russian genius Anton Zapto London for a debut performance, alongside many others, Cartuli’s Day had already proven their ambitious intentions towards an epic year with their opening party on the 18th of January with Audio Werner, Birdmakingmachine and Sylphe.


Ear Peace’s favorite was The White Man & The Arab— a collaborative project with BLM (Ben Micklewright) and Soho (Souhail Zaatari). With an essence of Dub culture embedded into their house music, the combination of the two DJs – the white man and the arab – was phenomenal indeed. Curator and resident Unai Trottiperformed B2B with Nottingham’s one and only NAIL. NAIL has also joined the Cartuli’s crew as a resident DJ so we will surely be seeing more of him in the upcoming Cartuli’s events. Our Cartuli’s Day experience also included the performances of the Manchurian legend Isherwood, E.M.M.E, Josef & Ma teo and Oli_N.

It was an impressive start to 2014 for both Crucifix Lane and Cartuli’s Day but there’s more to come. If you want a taste of the never-ending legendary club night Whirl-Y-Gig, established in 1981 in London, make your way to Crucifix Lane on the 26th of April!

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