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April 01, 2014

Babyshambles returned to London for a one-off concert on the 10th of March at The Roundhouse after their UK tour during October and November 2013. The purpose of the tour was to promote their new album, ‘The Sequel To The Prequel’, their third studio album so far. The band had kicked off their journey with singles as ‘Babyshambles’and ‘Killamangiro’and claimed their long-lasting stance with ‘Down In Albion,’their first studio album. The second album was ‘Shotter’s Nation’with an exceptional sound and outstanding lyrics such as those heard in ‘There She Goes’. We made our way to Roundhouse hoping to hear the classics and to see a glimpse of the genuine Pete Doherty. It was the epitome of a 1960s Doors concert. A singer who comes on stage way too late and completely wasted but puts on an amazing performance, a crowd filled with drunk groupies and those trying to pick a fight, and countless pints in plastic cups thrown around. The band came on stage much later than was planned but the whole crowd expected this, perhaps even hoped for it, to be able to live the complete experience of a legitimate Babyshambles concert. Pete Doherty was in his regular state of mind, consuming his usuals before his on-stage appearance, competing with the rest of the audience of course. He jumped off the stage multiple times, onto the bunch who were keen on embracing their hero with open arms. ‘Nothing Comes To Nothing’ from their new album was one of the highlights of the concert, among other all-time favourite classics ‘Fuck Forever’ and  ‘Albion’. Babyshambles’third album ‘The Sequel To The Prequel,’produced by Stephen Street, hadn’t received as much interest as their previous albums. It is safe to say that the audience could sing along with the older songs but not too much with their newest ones. We also hate to admit The Roundhouse could have been more attentive to the sound system since the vocals could not be heard quite precisely. unnamed The crowd was quite upset when the venue had to turn on the lights at 12 o’clock due to curfew restrictions. We hadn’t heard ‘Albion’yet, the classic Babyshambles song we all just had to enjoy. However, the whole night turned around in just a few minutes. After most of the audience had left, Pete came back on stage and performed a couple more songs. He picked up his guitar and chatted with the audience. There was an incredible atmosphere at The Roundhouse, hearing the amazing lyrics of Albion and singing it with only a bunch of people around. It was an unforgettable concert that all Earpeace had wished for. Babyshambles is now touring all over Europe in countries as France and Germany. They won’t be back in London any time soon but The Roundhouse has great listings as usual with the likes of Paloma Faith, Sam Smith and Paolo Nutini going on stage over the next few months.


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