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Weekend of Music – Washington D.C.

April 09, 2014

Thursday, April 3rd, 2014: 

- Liner Notes -


“When’s the last time you heard some live hip-hop music? And I’m not talking about the DJ spinning and it’s mega loud, I’m talking about live hip-hop music, true hip-hop instrumentation.”   – Paige Hernandez of Liner Notes.


Liner Notes brings a new life to a live hip-hop performance, giving a  free performance last Thursday night at the Kennedy Center’s Millennium Stage, located in the grand hallway it’s a DC classic. It was a perfect way to get the night rolling. The performance by Liner Notes could best be described as pure fun. The artists have a way of making words come alive with the accompaniment of live instruments. They read from the back of old vinyl record inserts – with creative individual soloing, the words come alive in a whole new way. The musicians did not stop smiling the entire show, sharing their energy with those there to spread the joy of live music. When chatting with the artists after the show, they used just one word to sum up the feeling of what they were doing – Joy. This was evident through their music and could be seen in the faces of the performers and crowd alike.

Saturday, April 5th, 2014 :

Batala -


Batala, an all-women percussion group, performed for an hour in celebration of The National Cherry Blossom for tourists and locals alike near the Tidal Basin on Saturday, April 5th. Batala is rooted in the dynamic culture of Bahia, Brasil and was founded in DC in 2007 as the first Batala band in the US as well as the first all women group. Hundreds of people were drawn in by the rhythmic beats resonating from the drums, mesmerizing percussion that could be heard before the band could be seen.  Over 55 women participated in the show – one of Batala Washington’s signature home town events, a cultural experience one should not miss if given the chance.  For those who missed the show or who simply couldn’t get enough the band could be found cheering on runner’s at The Cherry Blossom 10 mile run the next morning!

Batala Washington is committed to empowering women through drumming and promotes Bahia’s dynamic music and culture through performances and workshops around the DC metro region. Batalá’s music, colorful costumes and energetic dancing, create a visual and auditory experience few will be able to forget!  

Take a list to an excerpt from Batala Washington’s live performance:


Sunday, April 6th, 2014:  

Shpongle -


Shpongle, the brainchild of Simon Posford, can be described as a psychedelic downtempo or psybient music project that tie in spectacular visual elements. Shpongle played at the 930 Club, and put on show that was simply fascinating, using a 3-dimensional light setup to draw in the crowd. The architecture consisted of high res LED lighting which brought the structure to life, blending seamlessly with the music. Simon was more than a mere DJ, brilliantly acting as a conductor and spiritual guide for the audience. He managed to create an experience beyond that of a regular show. The audience was taken on an adventure, a euphoric journey combining sound and sight beautifully into one cohesive unit. Shpongle performed three encores, each one better than the last. With flawless transitions, he maintained a perfect sense of fluidity from beginning to end.  He drew out the last song so slowly…dripping out the last notes, teasing the audience before their musical journey finally came to an end.  The show could only be described as quite the real trip.  

Check out a brief glimpse of the set:


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