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EarPeace Presents: Record Store Day

April 18, 2014

What is Record Store Day? – April 19th 2014

As we continue moving into an almost entirely digital age, the past 5 years have seen a huge drop in CD sales, but what may surprise some people is that there has been a soaring resurgence in the sales of Vinyl Records. Enjoyed by music aficionados of all genres across the globe for the vinyl’s unique sound (until you hear your favourite song on Vinyl, you wont understand.) their collectible-type nature and it’s physical aesthetic, the vinyl is the driving force in physical music sales, and what better way to help that than with ‘Record Store Day’.

Record Store Day began in 2007 in the US as a celebration of the independent record store and now there are participating stores on every continent! It’s a celebration of record store culture and a reminder to the public that the independent scene is as strong as It’s ever been. Artists, Owners and Customers get involved on the day at almost every record store on the planet selling promotional products, special releases, DJ sessions, live shows and more. A few not-so-small names that are involved include Metallica, Jack White, Brian May and this year, Public Enemy’s Chuck D.

“I come from DJ culture. We DJs recognise the importance of records and the importance of music culture. Independent record stores have enhanced the curation of records and music as it’s matured. The stores we musicians were influenced by are places that breathed life into us as music-makers, as well as music collectors. And that’s why the survival of record stores worldwide is so important.” Source –

This year War Child was announced as Record Store Day’s official UK Charity. War Child work globally to help children of war and conflict across the globe. In conjunction with XFM, Record Store Day UK has produced a record to help raise money for the charity. John Kennedy’s X-Posure Sessions on Vinyl will be available at selected participating UK Record Store Day shops on 19th April and is limited to 1,000 copies. So if there wasn’t a good enough reason to help support the music industry, there is now.

To show our support for War Child and Record Store Day, we are promoting a special one-day discount for the 19th of April, We will be taking £5 off our retail price and donating 50p for every unit sold on the day to War Child.

To protect your hearing and help protect the lives of others, Click here on the 19th of April or to claim this one off promotion and show your support!

Click here for more information on Record Store Day

Click here to find your local Record Store

Click here for more information on War Child


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