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7 Reasons to Pack Your Bags for The Hudson Project

July 11, 2014


In need of some live music, fresh country air, and positivity this summer? Look no further, The Hudson Project music and arts project is here! Liberate yourself and find bliss on July 11-13 at Winston Farm in Saugerties, NY. For many in the Northeast, early July is associated with the popular electronic music and art festival Camp Bisco. This year, however, there will be no Bisco. Instead, MCP Presents brings the East Coast a rich and diverse lineup amidst the beautiful Catskill Mountains. With fans coming from New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Toronto, Montreal, and everywhere in-between, The Hudson Project will be a regional melting pot of beats and jams. Tickets are on sale for $250 (3 days + camping) and $220 (without camping).


“Our goal with The Hudson Project was the creation of a music and arts festival that also highlighted the beautiful area where the modern music festival genre was born,” says Brett Keber, Co-Founder/Producer of MCP Presents.


Life isn’t always this simple, but here are 7 reasons why you should make a trip to The Hudson Project this summer:


1. Paint the Blank Canvas

This is the inaugural festival for THP, but do not fear of corner-cutting or technical problems! MCP Presents puts on some of the best festivals in North America, including CounterPoint, The Buku Project, Lights All Night, and The Gathering at TomorrowWorld. As much love and energy as they exert to curate the festival, YOU the festival-goer have the opportunity to write the script, paint the canvas, and live amongst an incredible community of like-minded oddballs.


2. Talented Musicians

Along with an extensive list of DJs, the Hudson Project has assembled a gifted group of individuals who are better known for their voice and instrument skills than their button-pressing and knob-twisting. Enjoy the original sounds of headliners Modest Mouse and The Flaming Lips.  Bring out your groove and jam with the guys from STS9, Lettuce, Twiddle, and the recently re-united The New Deal. Kendrick Lamar, Atmosphere, and Action Bronson will also be at the party and offer a solid weekend of hop-hop. Please remember to check out Bonobo and Emancipator, the two acts should help restore your peace and balance.


3. Good Vibes

Live music, summer sun, and camping are a sure recipe for happiness. Step outside of your comfort zone and try something new, like healing meditation inside of a sound temple, or perhaps you fancy morning yoga? The Hudson Project has not yet officially released their experiential elements, but MCP Presents has a history of hosting on-site workshops like morning meditation, varieties of yoga, hoop dance, scratch academy, and monkey chant! (All included in the ticket price)

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4. Saxophones

With the rise of popularity in electronic music in recent years, some instruments have remained on the big stage. The saxophone has been popular in the United States since the rise of jazz music and is arguably the best instrument to express the human voice. This year at THP, two young performers will steal the hearts of many with their unique skills of incorporating live saxophone with DJing. Dominic Lalli, from the duo Big Gigantic, holds a Masters Degree from the Manhattan School of Music. Griz, born Grant Kwiecinski, is a young producer from Detroit, MI. Both bring elements of hip-hop, jazz, and dubstep into their live production and are highly advised to see this summer. Moon Hooch is an experimental group recommended by the Hudson Project’s staff, who states that when the group starts playing the room becomes “a living, surging, pulsing thing.” Moon Hooch consists of three performers: two saxophones and a drum kit.


5. Rebelution

Is there a better way to relax in the summer sun than with reggae music? Large festivals on the East Coast tend to exclude reggae from their lineups, but The Hudson Project will stop this atrocity! Rebelution captures the feel-good emotions of life by the ocean and effortlessly translates their music through elements of rock and island reggae. The group met while attending college in the beachside community of Isla Vista, California. The vibrations and reggae roots of Rebelution will represent at THP. Festival-goers will be treated with some of the first live sessions off their new 2014 album, titled “Count Me In”.


6. New Music

After every music festival one returns home with new thoughts about an existing artist or a newfound admiration for a completely new artist. Here at EarPeace we are sure to discover some new favorites of our own this summer. If you are new to electronic music, be sure to check out Bassnectar, Tipper, Big Gigantic, Griz, and the lasers of Savoy. Like hip-hop samples? Nightmares on Wax (live), Paper Diamond, and AraabMuzik. Other artists to see: Flying Lotus, ODESZA, The Floozies, Capital Cities, and Exmag.

 horse mask

7. What Happens on Winston Farm, Stays on Winston Farm

When you go to THP with your co-worker and he/she decides to dress up as a unicorn, dishing out rainbow high-fives like hot cakes, do not act surprised that when Tuesday comes around that never happened. Realize that you are a free soul whose only limits extend to the festival’s perimeter fence.Tens of thousands of sleep-deprived fans, three nights of music, and communal camping areas will bring countless, “You had to be there…” moments. Fortunately for most of us, no one is filming the blurry late-night hours at the Silent Disco. Above all, treat yourself and others with respect, drink water, and protect your health!


At The Hudson Project and in need of a pair of free ear plugs? Go to the first-aid tent and ask for ear plugs, every music festival should offer free foam ear plugs for those smart enough to ask!

 by Benjamin S. Thompson

I am a student from the College of Charleston, South Carolina, and as a student who studies Audiology, I’ve learned how Noise-Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) can permanently damage one´s hearing. When I wore my first pair of foam earplugs eight months ago, I was trying to solve a problem: ringing in my ears after a LOUD event. After wearing ear plugs to Camp Bisco 2013, an electronic music festival in upstate New York, I was hooked. This February, I organized and pioneered an event at my college titled “Decibel: Free Hearing Conservation Seminar”. Decibel included local music artists, an a capella group, and a presentation by a Doctor of Audiology. I am currently studying abroad in Brazil for the spring semester. This opportunity allows me to talk to Brazilians about EarPeace Brasil and spread awareness about hearing conservation to a country that loves loud music.


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