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EarPeace Reviews: Nightmares On Wax @ The Yard, Hackney

September 29, 2014

This past Saturday was amazing—one of those parties where the music connects with its audience so well, that even after turning on the lights, both DJ and crowd keep on going with no sign of stopping… until the managers’ come up to the DJ enough times that it really did have to end. This intimate night with Nightmares on Wax at The Yard in Hackney was definitely an unforgettable night.

DJ EASE, also known as Nightmares on Wax, has been releasing music since 1991. He has released more than 10 albums some with an emphasis on soul music, some on reggae and some on hip hop. When you have a musician with a discography spanning this wide, we were bound to think of what he would possibly play at the gig. Maybe some reggae, perhaps just soul, similar to his groovy album ‘Carboot Soul’ or maybe just house? Then he comes on starting out his set with jungle. It was quite a surprise but we knew he wasn’t going to play jungle the whole night. Then of course, he played his usual soul, funk, disco vibes along with some old school hip-hop. We heard a bit of our favourite, The Meters as well as Purple Disco Machine’s ‘My House’. DJ EASE aka N.O.W. knows how to show people a good time; it was a gig where you just couldn’t stop dancing because the music is always so funky. 

Promoters Double Denim Disco delivered an amazing night to all that attended. Keeping the show easygoing, they chose a cozy venue, kept tickets at a bare minimum of 250 and promised a night full of proper disco vibes. We got more than we were promised though. The initial line up they announced said Nightmares on Wax would play for 3 hours—from 1:00 to 4:00—well he was sure still spinning at 5:20 a.m. when the lights came on.


N.O.W. is such a great talent— comfortable playing such a wide array of genres, he was also a music consultant and producer for a while…However, we say he should never quit making music! We would love to see him again and suggest you give it a go too. He’s mixing again at The Forum in London on the 24th of October—don’t miss out!

By Yasemin

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