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EarPeace Reviews: DJ MAG Sessions with Solomun, Krankbrother, Marc Romboy @ The Egg

October 06, 2014

Friday night we saw Solomun, Krankbrother and Marc Romboy at popular London club, The Egg. Hosted by DJ Mag, the world famous British electronic dance music magazine, the night was filled with deep tech house beats. With many rooms and a ‘garden,’  The Egg also hosted Gotsome on its Ground Floor.


Solomun in the booth in the main room

Solomun wants to get a hold of everything that the music industry has to offer to him. Besides his success as a DJ, he owns EGO in Hamburg, Germany, which hosts many well known underground DJs. He also has two record labels names Diynamic and 2DIY4; encouraging the work ethic of doing it yourself. He works with big names such as the Spanish Uner, Kollektiv Turmstrasse and Adriatique on his label Diynamic, making sure Ibiza talks about them every summer. His other label 2DIY4 includes releases from Adana Twins, Robosonic, Amine Edge & Dance and Stimming. La Fique by Adana Twins and Robosonic is a delight:

‘Kackvogel’ and ‘Friends,’ Solomun’s two famous hits depict his approach to house music perfectly —strong disco influences that go hand in hand with female vocals. Have a listen: 

During his set we could clearly see that Solomun had a lot of talent as well as passion but the room he was playing in, ‘The Terrace,’ did not have enough space to accommodate all of those who had bought tickets to see him. Lucky we had Gotsome in the other room, we could still enjoy good deep house with enough space to dance.

It was our first time seeing London promoters Danny and Kieran Clancy at work. Krankbrother loosened us up before Solomun came on stage and it felt like they had mastered this after years of experience. During this past year, they have been a part of Found Festival and organised their monthly parties in London. Marc Romboy followed, keeping the party going until 8am. 

If you enjoy deep/tech house in the commercial sense, you will definitely find top names from those Beatport charts at the Egg’s listings. Lee Foss is there on the 24th of October and Miguel Campbell on the 14th. It’s also a big night on the 7th of November with Adriatique, Josh Butler and Alexis Raphael.

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