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EarPeace Recommends: Winter Clubbing Essentials

November 27, 2014 1 Comment

Its cold outside is not a good enough excuse to stop clubbing. However, it is a little tougher than usual. So to help get you through these hard times, we’ve put together a list of some of our winter clubbing essentials!

1. Ear warmers and bobble hats:  We really hate cold ears, so we always keep ours nicely wrapped up. We suggest some funky ear warmer headphones- why should the party only start when you reach the club? Or end when you leave it? In fact… why should it ever end?!


2. Umbrella:  Who wants to get soaked on the way home or even worse, on the way to the club? Be smart, grab a brolly!

3. Leg warmers and long johns: Rock those leg warmers like the Fame crew, nothing beats a few extra layers!

Film - Fame

4. Change for the cloak room: Do you remember those blazing hot summer days? You could leave for the club with nothing but a smile on if you really wanted to… Now you’re more likely to have a huge coat and a soaking umbrella- definitely the time to make sure you keep those pennies safe for the cloakroom!

5. Guestlist : It’s the time of year to call up your friends and ask for a few favours. You don’t want to be queuing out in the cold, do you?

Marylebone cricket club members read newspapers as they wait in a queue to enter the ground before the second Ashes cricket test match at Lord's cricket ground, London6. And finally…. some EarPeace! Whether it’s winter or summer, you should always carry a pair of ear plugs! (Ours are obviously an all time essential, rain wind and snow proof, and the best for clubbing… :D)



Happy clubbing!! xxx

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March 01, 2015

Such a nice article to read and follow. Nice work alex.

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